Smartphone Brands Hollywood Celebrities Use

by Amanon November 25, 2014
With the world becoming smaller, the reach of celebrities has also gone global. The Hollywood celebrities are now recognised all over the world. They are a role model for millions of people and every decision they make affects people all over the world. Obviously people are always very curious as to what kind of devices […]


Smartphone Brands Bollywood Celebrities Use

by Amanon November 25, 2014
In this celebrity obsessed culture, people are always interested in knowing more about their favourite famous people, whether it is bollywood celebrities, cricketers or any other famous persons. Some of you might also be interested in knowing, which gadget your favorite star or cricketer has been using for all their social media updates/messages and what […]
Sailfish Tablet

Jolla announces price cut on its SmartPhones and the launch of Sailfish Tablet

by Prasad VSSNon November 25, 2014
Last year Jolla launched its first smartphone running on the Sailfish, a Linux-based operating system. Now, it announced a price cut on its Jolla SmartPhone and it says that it will bring out a Sailfish tablet soon.


Datawind is ready to launch economy smartphone for Rs 2,000

by Prasad VSSNon November 25, 2014
Popular low-cost device maker, Datawind is prepared to launch its new economy smartphone for Rs.2000 with free internet offer. It is wrapping up discussions with a telecom operator to provide internet free of cost to its customers.

Top 10 Funny Tech Ads

Top 10 Funny Tech Ads

by Amanon November 24, 2014
YouTube has a lot to offer these days. There are of course pranks, accidents and sometimes awful videos. But there are a lot of people sharing their creativity too. You can find a lot of fun stuff there, including hilarious parodies, spoofs, jokes or old and intentionally/unintentionally funny ads. A lot of such tech related […]
Eluga I new

Panasonic launches ELUGA I with Smart Swipe Functionality

by Prasad VSSNon November 24, 2014
Panasonic India today announced its new smartphone, ELUGA I in the Indian market. continuity to ELUGA series from Panasonic are known their design, build quality and unique user interface for single hand operation.

Binatone The BRICK mobile-phone

India’s first Retro Mobile, The Brick, by Binatone

by Prasad VSSNon November 24, 2014
Binatone, one of the global leaders in communications technology has announced, the Brick, with epic standby time.
10 warning signs that you are a tech addict

10 WARNING Signs That You Are A Tech Addict

by Amanon November 24, 2014
Today, it is almost impossible to live without technology. You are always surrounded by some form of technology. Sadly, this makes it extremely difficult to escape as everything from because work to play may involve some tech. The normally accepted computer usage levels are increasing everyday and before you know, you are addicted. There are […]

Image Courtesy: ndtv

Amzon would bring OnePlus One to India exclusively

by Prasad VSSNon November 24, 2014
It is reported that Amazon India has teased that it would launch the OnePlus One in India.
Apple iPad

Apple iPad Air 2 and iPad mini 3 are ready for online pre-order – Release date revealed

by Prasad VSSNon November 24, 2014
Apple lovers need not wait longer. The latest from the stable are up for pre-order online in India before this month end. Apple has revealed the price details of the Apple iPad Air 2 and iPad mini 3 for it Indian market.