Salora announces the upcoming Salora Arya A1 plus Smartphone

by Prasad VSSNon November 27, 2014
Salora International Limited, a homegrown Indian company has announced its new Salora Arya A1 plus Smartphone.

sony headset1

Sony launches its new Sony MDR-XB450BV Headphones

by Prasad VSSNon November 27, 2014
Sony India announced the launch of its new MDR-XB450BV headphones. The company says that they are perfect for music lovers enabling them to enjoy listening to music with extra bass with a frequency response of 5Hz-22000Hz.

Here is the list of devices getting Android Lollipop Update

by Prasad VSSNon November 26, 2014
Here is the list of devices getting Android Lollipop Update

best smartphones in India under Rs 5,000 (3)

Best Smartphone in India Under 5000 Rupees

by Amanon November 26, 2014
We are bringing you a comprehensive best smartphone in India under 5000 rupees guide.

which gopro camera should you buy

Which GoPro Camera Should You buy?

by Amanon November 26, 2014
GoPro has recently updated its lineup of action cameras. Let us help you in deciding, which GoPro camera should you buy ?
Gionee Elife S5.1

Gionee Elife S5.1 super slim smartphone is announced in India for Rs.18999

by Prasad VSSNon November 26, 2014
The wait is over for Gionee fans. The Gionee Elife S5.1 smartphone has been finally launched in India for Rs 18999. The phone is dubbed as one of the slimmest of all smartphones that are presently on the market.

Asus PadFone mini

Asus launches Asus PadFone mini smartphone-tablet hybrid for Rs.15999

by Prasad VSSNon November 26, 2014
The new Asus PadFone mini officially arrives in India. This is ideal for people wishing to purchase a smartphone and a tablet at an affordable price.

Smartphone Brands Hollywood Celebrities Use

by Amanon November 25, 2014
With the world becoming smaller, the reach of celebrities has also gone global. The Hollywood celebrities are now recognised all over the world. They are a role model for millions of people and every decision they make affects people all over the world. Obviously people are always very curious as to what kind of devices […]


Smartphone Brands Bollywood Celebrities Use

by Amanon November 25, 2014
In this celebrity obsessed culture, people are always interested in knowing more about their favourite famous people, whether it is bollywood celebrities, cricketers or any other famous persons. Some of you might also be interested in knowing, which gadget your favorite star or cricketer has been using for all their social media updates/messages and what […]
Sailfish Tablet

Jolla announces price cut on its SmartPhones and the launch of Sailfish Tablet

by Prasad VSSNon November 25, 2014
Last year Jolla launched its first smartphone running on the Sailfish, a Linux-based operating system. Now, it announced a price cut on its Jolla SmartPhone and it says that it will bring out a Sailfish tablet soon.