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One Plus 2: People Can Register And Get An Invite

After the wildly popular OnePlus One, the OnePlus company is ready to launch its successor. The company will once more use the invite system for the OnePlus 2 smartphone. In

Phones One Plus 2: People Can Register And Get An Invite

After the wildly popular OnePlus One, the OnePlus company is

Accessories Flipkart Partners With Brandeyes To Announce Skullcandy Grind Headphone

Skullcandy [lifestyle audio brand] has come up with the latest

Camera News Nikon Issues Service Advisory For D750 DSLR Camera

Nikon D750 is a pretty good DSLR camera with some

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These Macro Photography Ideas Will Keep You Creative This Summer

With the heat rising, you might not want to head out of your home. But don’t let that stop you from continuing your photography. It’s time to go small or

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How Much Are You Using The Depth Of Field Preview Button On Your DSLR

There is a mystery button present around the lens mount of your DSLR, which you might have missed. This button is the dedicated to depth-of-field preview and is present on most modern DSLRs. Although, most photographers know about this, beginners often overlook it or don’t end up using it. Just

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Take Great Photos At Night Using These Simple Tips

Taking photos at night is completely different from day photography. Whether you’re using a DSLR or a smartphone, as nights present a totally different situation, it is not always easy to come up with good photos. For night photography, you have to completely alter some settings typically used in the

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Top 10 Unforgivable Photography Mistakes All Newbies Make

Nowadays, almost anyone can get a DSLR and call himself photographer. Not everyone is actually serious about the craft of photography and end up making very basic mistakes. Even if you are dead serious about being a photographer, it is most likely that you will make some basic mistakes while


Samsung Might Soon Come Up With A Three Sided Foldable Tablet

Samsung seems to be getting back to its ambitious display designs. Once again, the Korean company is the subject of rumors of foldable devices of the future. The company’s future

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Best Mid-Range Telephoto Lens

Updated on July 2015. Don’t forget to bookmark this page, as we will be updating it regularly. What lens to use is quite common yet tricky question. The answer is subjective