Minecraft House Ideas: 11 Brilliant Homes for Beginners

When playing Minecraft, building a house within is so much fun. This building process squeezes creativity out of you.

However, what happens if you’re a complete beginner playing Minecraft or having a creator’s block.

When you’ve zero inspiration, what would you do? You’ll look on the web & try to get some basic ideas.

Well, to save some of your time, I’ve come up with some brilliant Minecraft House Ideas in one place.

Ideas that’ll help you create some fantastic Minecraft houses. Now, before going ahead with the reveal, I’ve got advice for all the new Minecrafter.

Remember, building a Minecraft house is a time-consuming process.

Don’t give up (If you ever feel of giving up). It’ll be your dream home.

Once you build a house or a Cosy Cabin, you’ll realize the time you’ve committed is worth it.

Now, I’ll proceed with the big reveal –

11 Brilliant Minecraft House Ideas

As we advance, I’ll reveal different types of Minecraft houses ideas, including beach homes, wooden houses, modern houses, Medieval houses & more. Along with each of them, I’ll list a tutorial explaining the complete procedure.


As a realistic mansion, the one mentioned in this below posted video is eyeballs rolling. A beautiful backyard, up-close detailed interiors, this mention built with stone blocks will surely win over your hearts. Take a look at this realistic Minecraft mansion.


A Minecraft home on top of a tree. How great this would look. This type of Minecraft Treehouse is excellent if you want to escape the creepers that come out at night. To build a Minecraft Treehouse, the essential thing you need to make sure is constructing a strong base.

It doesn’t matter if you want to build a house at the top of the tree or construct a tree that functions as a natural home. The minimum requirement is the same for both – A strong base.

In this video posted below, there’s a peaceful & obscured that features a nifty trapdoor decorated with rose bushes.


When building a Minecraft Beach House, you can get creative in many ways. Be it on the water’s edge or a serene three-tiered mansion with a swimming pool. You get a wide variety here. However, my personal favorite is this villa with a small pool. That  I created write after the Minecraft Nether Update.


What’s the size of your dream Minecraft Wooden House – Big or Small. I’ve added a video with a Minecraft House idea of a dream wooden house. You watch that video, and after that, I would recommend you to head over to Pinterest & look for some of the creative Minecraft Wooden House.

At Pinterest, you’ll find every wooden house from cozy log cabins to wood-paneled palatial mansions.

Let your imagination run wild. Once you’ve got the idea for your dream wooden house in Minecraft, make as many changes you want. Wooden houses are known to be quite versatile. You can quickly gather or create materials to suit up all your needs to build a dream Minecraft house.

In this video attached below, there’s a Minecraft Wooden House that comes with a wooden cabin & a porch. It’s a perfect wooden home for those who always look for adventurous things & needs some time off to relax.


Were you looking to build a Minecraft Medieval house? Before revealing the best medieval place, let me ask you a question first – Which type of Minecraft House you want to develop? One that’s built of stones, or maybe you’re looking to build an old fashion village home made up of Oak?

Leaving these two options on standby, there’s one more thing you can do as a creator – build a Minecraft medieval home that’s the combination of both. They come in all shapes & sizes.

Imagine grand stonework of a castle will look when paired with barn-like features. With this kind of brilliant design, you will never lack in the designing aspect of building a home Medieval home in Minecraft. Now, if you like this Minecraft House idea, watch this video & go ahead with creating your own Minecraft Medieval house.


Sitting by the pool, relaxing & chilling, having a drink. Well, to do that, you need a Minecraft Villa. Now, please take a look at the detailed video I’m posting below. By watching this video, you’ll find out building a Minecraft Villa isn’t complicated. Once you’ve made the bare frames, you can further enhance the interior looks with some brilliant Minecraft Kitchen Ideas.


A rural home isn’t your style? No worries. You can still have plenty of ideas to create fantastic modern houses.

To build a modern Minecraft house, you need materials such as slabs, stone; if a rustic house isn’t your style, there are plenty of modern Minecraft house designs to choose from, too. Materials include stone, slabs, large glass windows & clay to mold your modern crib.

Before beginning the creation process, make sure you’re dedicated & prepared enough as the complete process takes additional time in planning & building the house. In the video I’ve attached below, there’s a modern Minecraft house which has a stunning landscape garden & floor to ceiling glass walls.


When I started with Minecraft, I always dreamt of creating my own Minecraft Castle. After playing the game for a year or so, I made my dream alive. At that time, I was having difficulty finding inspiration for the build. However, this time, I’ve got your back as I’m posting a video explaining how to build a Medieval Castle from the beginning.

The extensive fortress with lofty stone ramparts & good-looking towers is the highlighting point of this castle. See this video attached below to find how this Minecrafter has used materials like Wood, Stones & Brick in a balanced way to build a masterpiece of a castle.


Whenever you’re looking to build a peaceful home, don’t ever forget to add this Minecraft Japanese House to your list. A Japanese home that’s build of traditional & vibrant colors.

Colors that make the complete building process to be a cakewalk. These types of homes are build using Acacia logs, sandstone, wood, & cobblestone. Further, you can surround your Japanese home with blossom trees to make it look more peaceful.


Earlier in this post, I gave you the Minecraft house idea of building a fantastic wooden home. Now, it’s the Wooden Cabin. This video features a deluxe wooden cabin that works wonder for your sight.

When planned extensively with a balanced design, you can create some of the most creative Minecraft Wooden Cabin. Once again, talking about this wood cabin, it includes a full basement, deck & lofts.


Last but not least is Minecraft’s Ultimate Oak Survival Base. If interesting in this Minecraft House Idea, do check out this complete video:

Final Thoughts

From the past 9 years, I’ve been playing Minecraft & I believe this game is all about exploring different Minecraft House ideas & building them to make them a reality.
If you’re a creative person, Minecraft goes all the way to enhance your creativity. Btw in Minecraft, you’re not limited to building houses or mansions. From creating an entire town to a modern city, you can do it all here.

In this post, I’ve guided you to building a Minecraft home. Next time, I’ll help you create awesome kitchens with some of the best Minecraft Kitchen Ideas. So, stay tuned with this blog to know about them. In the meanwhile, do check out 20 exclusive Minecraft Texture Packs.

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