Lost Odyssey: Still the Best RPG Game after 13 Years?

There are very few games in the RPG genre that regards themselves as ‘classics.’

Even a highly anticipated game like Final Fantasy XV turned out to be an utter disappointment. Now, we all have our hopes centered around the arrival of Final Fantasy 16. Well, the game we are talking about is Lost Odyssey.

This one game always brings me towards the good old memories of the late 2000s. Lost Odyssey was released for Xbox 360 in late 2007, and Mistwalker developed the game. You can see glimpses of Final Fantasy and Highlander in the storyline of the game, as it involves immortality.

When the game was newly released, I bought it for my Xbox 360, and I tried playing a couple of times. However, I couldn’t play it with consistency, it was a fun game, but I forgot to play it.

After almost a decade has passed, I found the game sitting idle in the dust, so I decided to dust it off and play it on my old Xbox. I’m glad that I chose to play it. I feel bad for not playing it with dedication back in the early days.

Final Fantasy’s Glimpses in Lost Odyssey

Lost Odyssey

Want to know about Lost Odyssey, a forgotten classic JRPG from the late 2000s? Read the article to find out why this game deserves more attention and affection.

The games like Final Fantasy have evolved a lot in recent years since, especially the last three editions FFXII, XIII, and XV. The elements of the game have changed to the point that they look different.

Well, XV received flak from the audience, no wonder! When I was playing Lost Odyssey, it reminded me of the nostalgic days of PlayStation 1. The Final Fantasy games were fun back then.

Let’s hope the studio doesn’t mess up with Final Fantasy 16 in the future. The Lost Odyssey game offers you everything you need from a good match. It has a fascinating storyline, turn-based fight, characters interactions, and the beautiful fictional universe that make you go curious over it.

Lost Odyssey’s storyline follows a character named Kaim, who’s an immortal with memory-loss. Due to some tragedy that occurred to him, he is not interested in recovering the memory.

You come across him during the battle of the two nations – Uhra and the Khent. A meteor strike destroys everything, though, and our protagonist is one of the few survivors of the tragedy due to his immortality superpower. Despite having the power of immortality, Kaim can’t rescue anyone.

Kaim finds another immortal, a lady named Seth, she’s a victim of memory loss just like him. Even though Kaim has lost memories, he starts recovering them during sleep in his dreams. The random events occurring in the storyline trigger the recovery.

A kid tells him of his dream of becoming a mercenary upon growing up, which reminds him of his past. He was in the battle with a mercenary who pretends to be a braveheart but runs away from the action soon as he senses the impending doom.

The memories of him are him, but these memories tell him how our human nature is. If you ask me how I feel about these stories, then let me tell you, they are beautiful, the writer has poignantly written to them.

I think that the studio could’ve done a better job of blending them into the game. They are more like a diversion from the flow of the game—the stories needed to be more appealing from the visual point.

The character interactions in the game are funny, similar to FFIX. You see them arguing, bantering, annoying each other. However, they manage to stay together to fight the challenge.

There’s a magician character in the game; in the start, he feels like an irritating character that should’ve never been added to the game. Still, as time goes, you enjoy his eccentricities. His comic responses are a relief in the events happening.

Let’s discuss the fictional universe of the game. The world in the Lost Odyssey is gorgeous, and you can see that the studio has taken extra efforts to make it look as spectacular as possible.

The Kingdom of Numara is beautiful, a treat to the eye of the player. The architecture and nature look stunning. The long-lasting peace in the universe makes it possible for people to focus on culture.

Final Words

After playing Lost Odyssey almost a decade later, I feel bad for not playing this game and finishing it while it was newly released. However, I think that this game is as classic as good games from Final Fantasy.

However, I have one question that we must ask ourselves: are old-style JRPGs better than the latest games we see in the market? Let’s see how Final Fantasy 16 will be.

This game’s like an old friend you haven’t seen since ages, meeting him again brings back all the nostalgic memories. I am yet to finish the game, but make sure you play it whenever you get time.

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