Which Gaming Console Should You Buy?

If you are eager to get back into gaming, you need a gaming console from which to load up your old platform classics, to hop online to play some new first-person shooter team games with strangers across the globe, or to play Fifa when you have your mates around.

If you haven’t had a console since the era of the Mega Drive, you are going to be in for a shock when you consider how much they have advanced. You no longer have to whip in a cartridge and you often don’t even have to put a disc in.

With the emergence of the Internet of Things and all things Wi-Fi, you can now play a game by venturing into the online world. It’s never been so easy to purchase a game and not have a hard copy next to your TV. That isn’t to say that you can’t still head to a video games store to pick up the latest beat ‘em up or driving game. Many thirty-somethings in particular still love the feel of a new game in their hands.

Purchasing a new gaming console is like buying a new car. There are so many makes and varieties, each one has its plus points and negatives, and you would like to take it out for a test drive before you put your money down. Head to a retail center that sells gaming consoles and they will definitely let you have a go.

You need to get a feel for the controls, the graphics, and the sorts of games that are available for the console. Many games span all makes from the Xbox to the Playstation. However, others are exclusive to specific makes and models of gaming console. Take a look at this simple guide that details how video gaming has developed and analyzes the consoles available to help you make an informed decision when you head out console shopping.

Playstation 4

Playstation 4

If you are after an affordable all-rounder, you could do much worse than selecting the classic Playstation 4. This stalwart of the console scene is reliable and intuitive. Having launched seven years ago, this console is now the second best selling games console of all time. This means it is highly sought after and thought of because of its exceptional graphics and gameplay. A massive appeal for the Playstation 4 is its ability to attract the top developers who design exclusive games specifically for the Playstation market. Spider-Man and God of War are two of the most successful titles made exclusively for the gaming console in recent years.

If you are eager to experience the world of virtual reality, the Playstation 4 is a shoe-in for you. No other console offers this gameplay experience. With a Playstation VR headset, you could bring a whole new dynamic to some of the games you enjoy.

If you are after a more sleek visual experience complete with 4K UHD graphics, you will be sorely disappointed, but it’s not too surprising with the price of the gaming console. To keep costs down, Playstation has decided to omit this feature from the repertoire of Playstation 4 plus points.

Out of everything to omit, this is a sensible choice, as when you are playing the game of your choice, the screen resolution is neither here nor there. The biggest negative for the Playstation 4 console is its inability to play previous console incarnation games with ease. Unlike the Nintendo consoles that can play virtually any game from the cube to the switch, the Playstation 4 doesn’t have this capability.

For under $250, the Playstation 4 is hard to beat. A classic and reliable console with some incredible games, the Playstation 4 is awesome. If you have a few more bucks to spend, the Playstation 4 Pro will give you the 4K UHD experience that you are after. At an extra $150, this needs to be a must-have feature for you.

Xbox One

Xbox One

The Xbox One is sleek, simple, and achingly cool in its design. An entry-level gaming console perfect for the younger generation, the Xbox One has a great 1080p display allowing the graphics to sing on your screen. At just $190, the Xbox is easy to save up for.

If you have ever had an older Xbox console and you want to play your older games on your newer system, you can do with ease. This backward compatibility opens up more variety of games to you. This also seems to be an aspect of your gaming that Xbox is willing to facilitate, unlike Playstation who won’t allow you the privilege.

As a home entertainment module, the Xbox surpasses all of its rivals. You can subscribe to Netflix through your console. You can watch the latest box sets, catch up on a movie with Amazon Prime, and watch Youtube with ease. You can even head online and play thunderstruck 2 for free if you fancy a day at the slots. And you can also sample the delights of the inbuilt 4K Bluray player.

While you can play Gears of War with exclusivity on the Xbox, there isn’t the same critical acclaim to the Xbox repertoire of exclusive games. However, whatever game that you do choose to play is crisp, easy on the eye, and the graphics will blow your mind. While graphics used to be a decider in choosing a console, this is now obsolete because the bar is set so high for graphics, each console is excellent in its development.

If you do have more cash to splash, go with the Xbox One X, which is the all-singing all-dancing equivalent of the Playstation 4 Pro. You can enjoy 4K crispness on a whole host of games, giving you the perfect Fifa gameplay. You also get a massive 1TB of inbuilt storage which sounds like plenty, but if you are enjoying the 4K games, you may find that space is taken up very quickly.

Nintendo Switch

Nintendo Switch

At only three years old, the Nintendo Switch is the youngest gaming console in the list. It has been seen by some as the desktop tower PC to the achingly cool 1990s consoles. With the exclusive Super Mario Odyssey, Nintendo has chosen to go in another direction with its collection of games. As in the past, Nintendo has chosen to focus more on fun and excitement rather than gritty realism and gore.

Sure, you can play a first-person shooter or a horror platform, but they don’t focus on the development of these games. Innocent platform classics harking back to the youth of millennials is the psyche that they are trying to tap into. They realize that the people who played their consoles back in the nineties are now parents and want some family-friendly gameplay. The Nintendo Switch offers this in bucket-loads.

The screen won’t be 4K UHD and it won’t even be 1080 – it’s a measly 720. However, the Switch doesn’t boast to be anything else. It makes no apologies for where it focuses its energies. The Nintendo Labo is an awesome way to be more sustainable with your gameplay. A cardboard periphery that you can morph into all different sorts of external gameplay devices is the most intuitive addition to a console for decades. The Japanese innovation is as strong as ever for Nintendo.

The Switch Lite is another addition to the Nintendo family of gaming consoles. This handheld device has an incredible screen that has come on such a long way since the Gameboy of the early nineties. The colour device is large and bulky, meaning that it feels great in the hand. You can play many of the Switch games that you have for your larger console and you can dock the device in your larger device.

Games consoles are no longer the Pong games or the Atari 2600. While these still have a place in video gaming history, there are loads more advanced consoles that you have at your disposal. Mario is still knocking around and has a whole host of games under his belt. His worlds and universes still permeate through gaming culture. The same can be said of the newer games such as Fifa and Call of Duty. These stalwarts of the gaming scene remain in development and are utilized across a range of platforms. It doesn’t matter whether you want to play platforming games, beat ‘em ups, racing classics, or online sports games, you can find a console that suits your gaming needs.

As with many technological advancements, video games consoles have also developed. While it was once a luxury to play a 32-bit console rather than a 16 bit, you can now enjoy the delights of a 4K UHD screen. Graphics are now more realistic than ever before, with movie-like camera angles and cinematography the norm.

If you are eager to purchase a new console, you need to do your research. Consoles are now expensive bits of kit, so consider what you want to get out of your gameplay, and choose the right console for you.

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