175+ Ultimate Discord Voice Changer Effects List [2020]

Do you desire to be the next gaming streamer?

Be it Shroud, Ninja, Dr. Disrespect, or summit1G; they have the X factor that attracts their audience.

It can be either exceptional gaming skills or talking style. So, do you have that (The X-Factor) in you?

Or are you still shying away from using your own voice? If that’s the problem, then I’ve got a solution for you.

It’s the Discord Voice Changer. You can use it to change your voice (Making it a bit funnier).

If done right, these 8 discord voice changers with 190+ voice effects, can be the ‘X’ factor you need.

Discord Voice changer

Discord Voice Changer for Windows


When it comes to using a voice changer during live streaming, Clownfish tops this list. With over 13+ voice effects, the clownfish app is available on 10+ platforms, including Discord.

Not only this, but you also get all this wholly free. Yet, you do need a system with a working microphone or an active audio capture device.

Clownfish Supported Apps on Windows 7/8/8.1/10

Discord Ekiga
Hangouts Ventrilo
Skype Jitsi
Steam Teamspeak
Viber Mumble

Clownfish Supported Voice Effects

Alien Male Pitch
Atari Mutation
Baby Pitch Radio
Clone Robot
Fast Mutation Slow Mutation
Female Pitch Silence
Helium Pitch Custom Pitch

You can download this discord voice changer clownfish from their official website.


Although available at a premium price, MorphVOX voice changer is what you need to skyrocket your streaming career. At steep pricing of $39.99 $19.99 (Latest $20 Discount), you get these advanced features –

  • Free Premium Voices.
  • Free Premium Sound Packs.
  • Add any background sound and fool your friends.
  • Optimization for online games.
  • Super-quiet background cancellation.

That’s not it. In addition to these cutting-edge features, you get 40+ Voice Types from six different categories, 8 After Effects, 6 Vocal Tract Effects, and accessible to 5 apps and games.

43 MorphVOX Voice Effects

Deep Space Voices Default Fantasy Funny Voices Sci-fi Translator Fun
Android Male Child Dwarf BigCat Female Commander Body Noises
Android Female Dog Translator Female Pixie Bigcat Male Gordon Burpalator
Cyborg Warrior Hell Demon Giant Bunny Female Dark Emperor Computer Talk
Mutant Female I Robot Nasty Gnome Fox Female Droid Phone Talk
Mutant Male Woman Tiny Folks Fox Male Female Merc Random Body Noises
Radio Chatter Man Warrior Princess Housecat Female Space Squirrel Random Censor
Whiney Squire Housecat Male Xylophone
Old Hag Squirrel Male
Wolf Female
Wolf Male

Additional Filters

After Effects
Vocal Tract Effects
Chorus Monotone
Distortion Hypertone
Gapper Breathy
Phaser Nasal
Resample Diode
Low Cut Harmonize

MorphVOX Pro Supported Apps and Games


Discord Voice Changer for Mac

Not using a Windows PC? No worries, there are 10s of voice changers you can use on your Mac.

But which ones the best? Let’s find out some of the Voice Changers I recommend you to use:

Voice Changer Plus

Before getting to know more about Voice Changer plus, let’s take a look at some of the available voice effects –

Echo Robot Slower Faster
Applause Helium Fastest Turtle
Bad Melody Bad Harmony Haunting Higher
Dax Blane (Batman) Lower Choir
Mosquito Robot 2 Guitar One of Many
Slow Helium Fast Helium Organ Warped
Canyon Exterminator Fan Swirling
Dark One Backward Bathroom Snail
Slowest Slowest Fuzz Old telephone
Underwater Gramophone Metallic Songbird
Megaphone Alien Alien 2 Helicopter
Scary Place Rain and Thunder Jungle Crowd
Slot Machines Traffic Spaceship Cricket

Ohh My… 52 Voice Effects , That’s huge.

However, that’s not it. There are some additional voices I’ve not listed here. I’ll update as soon as I’ve more info. on them.

Coming back to Voice Changer Plus, it’s the best option out there for MAC users. But what’s so special about this app?

Apart from having voice effects like robot, echo, mosquito, Voice Changer Plus includes an effect that I could have never imagined. Can you guess it?

Well, it’s my favorite character BANE (Badass Masked Villain), from The Dark Night trilogy. However, that’s not it; Voice Changer Plus allows you to import your local recordings.

Add voice effects, do necessary trimming, and you’re all set to share your latest creation with your friends.

After getting to know all these features, aren’t you curious to try your hands on this app? All you need is $1.99 for the premium version.

Discord Voice Changer for Android

Now, it’s time for me to list some of the leading discord voice changers for Android Smartphones. Well, at present, there’re hundreds of voice changer apps, but only some of them meet privacy criteria.

Voice Changer with Effects

This one in the Android OS segment tops the list. Besides, why not so, as it provides lists of unique features. See it yourself –

Voice Changer with Effects Features

  • Piano.
  • Create an image with sound.
  • Set as Ringtone.
  • Set as a notification sound.
  • Save Recording.
  • Share on WhatsApp, E-mail, Facebook.
  • Import pre-recorded sound (Similar to Voice Changer Plus on MAC).
  • Create a voice from the text.

Out of all the features I had used until now, Piano was the one I used for the 1st time. So, how was it?

Useful or not? Check out from the video added below  –

As you can see, apart from these 8 features, Voice Changer with Effects App provides 40+ Voice Effects. Check them out from the below-given table –

Normal Backwards Cathedral Dark Side Battery Low
Helium Monster Cyborg Grand Canyon Shrinking
Villain Sheep Death Spinning Overlord
Robot Small Creature Poltergeist Fly Devil
Big Robot Optimus Robot Chipmunks Zombie Megaphone
Cave Telephone Android Child Fan
Hexafluoride Dragon Drunk Underwater Ghost
Space Mutant Nervous Giant Duck Alien
Deep Voice Extraterrestrial Squirrel Evil Puppet Small Alien


With over 1 Million downloads on Google Play Store, VoiceFX is trying its best to catch up to number #1 app Voice changer with effects.

Still, in one way or another, it still lacks in some areas. But still, it manages to include these 5 must-have features in the app –

  • Load audio files and apply voice changer filters to it.
  • Live playback option to add effects in live voice.
  • Live stream your microphone to change your voice to web browsers.
  • Record voice and add filters to change the sound as per your requirement.
  • Save and share your created MP3 files with friends a& family.

Looking at the features, you would think of VoiceFX to be a powerful voice changer. In fact, even I would agree with this, especially after testing the live stream feature.

If you’re a streamer, then it’s a highly valuable feature as it allows you to change your voice and stream at the same time.

Discord Voice Changer for iOS

Call Voice Changer IntCall

With over 10 Million downloads on the app store, Call Voice Changer IntCall is the funniest app you’ll find on the app store.

Although it has lower user ratings, that’s not because of any problem in it. In fact, some users think it’s a free app.

Well, yes, it’s free, but it has got some in-app purchases. Take a look at the below screenshot to clear all your doubts –

Now, that all the misconceptions are clear, let’s take a look at some of its features –

Call Voice Changer IntCall Features

  • Make funny phone calls by changing your pitch in-between a call.
  • Change real-time sound effects in-between your call.
  • Spice up your calls. Play weird sound effects such as birthday songs, Cartoon characters, and much more.

If you found Call Voice Changer IntCall app to be useful, I recommend you to try this app by signing this app for 3-days trial. After this, you can opt for a subscription pack.

VoiceMod for iOS

When it comes to giving a fierce competition to Clownfish voice changer for discord, VoiceMod tops the list.

Now, you might have a question in your mind, what so special is there in it?

Well, let’s start with available sound effects in VOICEMOD PRO

Alien Android Aphonic
Baby Cave Chipmunk
Crazy Dark Echo
Fan Franky Ghost
Harmony Helio Magic Chords
Man, to Woman Ogre Party Time
Possessed Robot Romantic Paris
Spaceman Speech Jammer Speechifier
Spirit Storyteller Happy Sword
Underwater Woman to Man Zombie

Well, you can see, VOICEMOD Pro has way more than voice effects than the former discord voice changer Clownfish. However, that’s not it; you get to use it on 14 Apps and Games.

VOICEMOD Pro Supported Apps and Games

Fortnite Steam
Discord Twitch
Stream Deck Skype
PUBG Overwatch
Counterstrike VR CHAT
Teamspeak OBS

Final Thoughts

There’s a quote by John C. Maxwell that says,

“The dreams and passions stored within hearts are powerful keys which can unlock a wealth of potential.”

You’ve the dreams; You’ve the passion. Now, all you need is a little push.

And I believe these 175+ discord voice changer effects can do that for you. Sounds unbelievable, right?

I would say try them once; you’ll find all the answers. Now, I would like to hear back from you.

Which voice effect you’ll use in your gaming streams?

Or you’re confident enough in using your voice. Whatever it is,

Let me know by leaving a comment below.

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