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Minecraft House Ideas: 11 Brilliant Homes for Beginners

When playing Minecraft, building a house within is so much fun. This building process squeezes creativity out of you.

However, what happens if you’re a complete beginner playing Minecraft or having a creator’s block.

When you’ve zero inspiration, what would you do? You’ll look on the web & try to get some basic ideas.

Well, to save some of your time, I’ve come up with some brilliant Minecraft House Ideas in one place.

Ideas that’ll help you create some fantastic Minecraft houses. Now, before going ahead with the reveal, I’ve got advice for all the new Minecrafter.

Remember, building a Minecraft house is a time-consuming process.

Don’t give up (If you ever feel of giving up). It’ll be your dream home.

Once you build a house or a Cosy Cabin, you’ll realize the time you’ve committed is worth it.

Now, I’ll proceed with the big reveal –

11 Brilliant Minecraft House Ideas

As we advance, I’ll reveal different types of Minecraft houses ideas, including beach homes, wooden houses, modern houses, Medieval houses & more. Along with each of them, I’ll list a tutorial explaining the complete procedure.


As a realistic mansion, the one mentioned in this below posted video is eyeballs rolling. A beautiful backyard, up-close detailed interiors, this mention built with stone blocks will surely win over your hearts. Take a look at this realistic Minecraft mansion.


A Minecraft home on top of a tree. How great this would look. This type of Minecraft Treehouse is excellent if you want to escape the creepers that come out at night. To build a Minecraft Treehouse, the essential thing you need to make sure is constructing a strong base.

It doesn’t matter if you want to build a house at the top of the tree or construct a tree that functions as a natural home. The minimum requirement is the same for both – A strong base.

In this video posted below, there’s a peaceful & obscured that features a nifty trapdoor decorated with rose bushes.


When building a Minecraft Beach House, you can get creative in many ways. Be it on the water’s edge or a serene three-tiered mansion with a swimming pool. You get a wide variety here. However, my personal favorite is this villa with a small pool. That  I created write after the Minecraft Nether Update.


What’s the size of your dream Minecraft Wooden House – Big or Small. I’ve added a video with a Minecraft House idea of a dream wooden house. You watch that video, and after that, I would recommend you to head over to Pinterest & look for some of the creative Minecraft Wooden House.

At Pinterest, you’ll find every wooden house from cozy log cabins to wood-paneled palatial mansions.

Let your imagination run wild. Once you’ve got the idea for your dream wooden house in Minecraft, make as many changes you want. Wooden houses are known to be quite versatile. You can quickly gather or create materials to suit up all your needs to build a dream Minecraft house.

In this video attached below, there’s a Minecraft Wooden House that comes with a wooden cabin & a porch. It’s a perfect wooden home for those who always look for adventurous things & needs some time off to relax.


Were you looking to build a Minecraft Medieval house? Before revealing the best medieval place, let me ask you a question first – Which type of Minecraft House you want to develop? One that’s built of stones, or maybe you’re looking to build an old fashion village home made up of Oak?

Leaving these two options on standby, there’s one more thing you can do as a creator – build a Minecraft medieval home that’s the combination of both. They come in all shapes & sizes.

Imagine grand stonework of a castle will look when paired with barn-like features. With this kind of brilliant design, you will never lack in the designing aspect of building a home Medieval home in Minecraft. Now, if you like this Minecraft House idea, watch this video & go ahead with creating your own Minecraft Medieval house.


Sitting by the pool, relaxing & chilling, having a drink. Well, to do that, you need a Minecraft Villa. Now, please take a look at the detailed video I’m posting below. By watching this video, you’ll find out building a Minecraft Villa isn’t complicated. Once you’ve made the bare frames, you can further enhance the interior looks with some brilliant Minecraft Kitchen Ideas.


A rural home isn’t your style? No worries. You can still have plenty of ideas to create fantastic modern houses.

To build a modern Minecraft house, you need materials such as slabs, stone; if a rustic house isn’t your style, there are plenty of modern Minecraft house designs to choose from, too. Materials include stone, slabs, large glass windows & clay to mold your modern crib.

Before beginning the creation process, make sure you’re dedicated & prepared enough as the complete process takes additional time in planning & building the house. In the video I’ve attached below, there’s a modern Minecraft house which has a stunning landscape garden & floor to ceiling glass walls.


When I started with Minecraft, I always dreamt of creating my own Minecraft Castle. After playing the game for a year or so, I made my dream alive. At that time, I was having difficulty finding inspiration for the build. However, this time, I’ve got your back as I’m posting a video explaining how to build a Medieval Castle from the beginning.

The extensive fortress with lofty stone ramparts & good-looking towers is the highlighting point of this castle. See this video attached below to find how this Minecrafter has used materials like Wood, Stones & Brick in a balanced way to build a masterpiece of a castle.


Whenever you’re looking to build a peaceful home, don’t ever forget to add this Minecraft Japanese House to your list. A Japanese home that’s build of traditional & vibrant colors.

Colors that make the complete building process to be a cakewalk. These types of homes are build using Acacia logs, sandstone, wood, & cobblestone. Further, you can surround your Japanese home with blossom trees to make it look more peaceful.


Earlier in this post, I gave you the Minecraft house idea of building a fantastic wooden home. Now, it’s the Wooden Cabin. This video features a deluxe wooden cabin that works wonder for your sight.

When planned extensively with a balanced design, you can create some of the most creative Minecraft Wooden Cabin. Once again, talking about this wood cabin, it includes a full basement, deck & lofts.


Last but not least is Minecraft’s Ultimate Oak Survival Base. If interesting in this Minecraft House Idea, do check out this complete video:

Final Thoughts

From the past 9 years, I’ve been playing Minecraft & I believe this game is all about exploring different Minecraft House ideas & building them to make them a reality.
If you’re a creative person, Minecraft goes all the way to enhance your creativity. Btw in Minecraft, you’re not limited to building houses or mansions. From creating an entire town to a modern city, you can do it all here.

In this post, I’ve guided you to building a Minecraft home. Next time, I’ll help you create awesome kitchens with some of the best Minecraft Kitchen Ideas. So, stay tuned with this blog to know about them. In the meanwhile, do check out 20 exclusive Minecraft Texture Packs.

How to Set Up Streamlabs in #3 Easy Steps

Do you like watching gaming streams on YouTube or Twitch? It’s super fun, right?

I’ve got a question for y’all – Why don’t you start streaming yourself?

Don’t brush it off. You can stream every game you watch. It’s easy.

All you need is a smartphone or a PC.

Remember, even if you’ve got all the tools, without a passion everything’s a waste. You can think of it as a critical element.

Now, coming to the super-easy part – setting up all the streaming tools.

Specifically, how to set up Streamlabs?

Now, let’s proceed with this beginner’s guide to find how easy it is for you to stream any game you like.


Here I’m listing everything you need beforehand. Make sure you tick every checkbox –

  • A Windows PC or a Smartphone.
  • A Gaming Headphone.
  • A dedicated Mic.
  • Discord App.
  • Stream Deck Mobile (Only for Mobile Streamers).
  • Stable broadband internet connection.
  • Audio Mixer.
  • Streamlabs App.
  • A Green Screen (Optional).
  • HD Webcam (Optional).

After getting all these tools and resources, let’s get to know more about the Streamlabs app.

Streamlabs App

With a simplified Open Broadcaster Software or OBS design, Streamlabs is a video streaming app that offers everything a gamer needs.

Designed specifically for gamers, Streamlabs packs hell lots of features with the only aim of better streaming experience and boosted viewer engagement.

Streamlabs Supported Platforms

  • Twitch.
  • YouTube.
  • Mixer.
  • Facebook.
  • Hitbox (Upcoming).

How to Set Up Streamlabs

Before going ahead make sure, create a Streamlabs account using your existing Twitch account. To give a professional overhaul, join the Streamlabs monthly or annually Prime Membership. Now, let’s just set up the Streamlabs account to begin streaming –

Understanding the Complicated Dashboard

First thing first, confirm if the Streamlabs app is installed or not. a newbie will find it hard to understand the complicated dashboard of the Streamlabs app. Go to the Editor tab & you can see it for yourself. The editor tab is the primary hub that’ll help customize your stream. See this short video to get a better understanding –

Go Live or Start Recording

Streamlabs gives you full freedom in starting off your stream. Once again go to the “Editor” tab and choose what you want – Go Live or Record.

Adding Widget & Themes

Many would not agree with me, especially after what I’m about to say – Setting up widget & themes are the hardest part. Even more than learning to use the Streamlabs app.

Well, I believe if you’ve passed the 1st step, the second one is not far away. It’ll take some to getting use to but you’ll prevail in the end. Now, to add the widgets and themes, go the “Add Source” tab in the Streamlabs app. And there you’ll see a widget menu along with some options.

I would recommend you to play through them to get a better understanding of it. Further, at any time, if you need to open the settings tab, go to the desired widget and double click to load the settings tab along with the customization tools.

To switch to some other theme, head over to the “Themes” tab & you’re good to go. Even if you’ve not yet purchased the prime Streamlabs membership, Streamlabs offer some amazing themes. Customize them or install them as it is, the final choice is yours.

Frequently Asked Questions | How to Set up Streamlabs

Q – How to set up donations on twitch Streamlabs?

A – To enable PayPal for donations, head over to Donations settings & link your PayPal account with your Streamlabs account. Once again go to the donations settings to further edit the settings

Q – What’s the pricing of Streamlabs Prime Membership?

A – The monthly subscription will cost you $19. However, if you opt for a yearly membership, Streamlabs prime will cost you $12.42/month.

Final Words

And that’s pretty much it. I guess by reading this post you know how to set up Streamlabs OBS. Now, all you need to do is focus solely on producing high-quality streams. Be it on Twitch, YouTube, or even Facebook. Use all the features of Streamlabs OBS & enjoy streaming these 30 popular streaming games. In the meanwhile, if you ever face any issue with the Streamlabs OBS, do let me know about it in the comments section given below.

Modern Skills That Gaming Could Teach

Video games have long had an interesting ability to educate us. We don’t usually think of games as being educational (save for computer games built to teach children basic skills). But almost inadvertently, we can learn everything from math to psychology or any other modern skills from playing games.

Often, when you really start thinking about video games that can teach you lessons, you’ll land on some of the classics. For instance, our post on ’30+ Popular Games Streamers Need to Play in 2020 mentioned poker and chess games that have long been favorites among players — and both have educational components.

Poker and chess can train us in psychology, teach us decision-making and negotiating skills, and even get us thinking about statistics and odds. (There’s a reason that the best poker and chess players you know are probably some of your smarter friends!)

Video Games can also be used to teach modern skills more directly though, and this is what’s interesting moving forward. With so many highly relevant modern skills being digital in nature anyway, it’s interesting to think about what video games might be able to help us with. So without further ado, here are some modern skills that might actually be easier to learn through gaming.



Coding may have lost a little bit of its shine in recent years because solutions have emerged for people who don’t know how to do it. Now, if you want to build an app or website, for example, you can find a “low-code” or “no-code” platform that helps you to do it. Nevertheless, coding still has tremendous value.

Inc.’s argument in favor of coding covered that value in two categories: intrinsic (such as problem-solving, attention to detail, and analytical skills) and external (like job appeal, the ability to build digital products, and monetary gain). It also made the argument — perhaps somewhat dramatically — that not learning to code could lead to “professional extinction.”

Again, that final point is dramatic. But the value of coding is still extensive. It can enable you to design your own products, lead to lucrative job opportunities, and even help you to better understand how the internet really works. The problem is that for those who don’t take to it naturally, coding is about as difficult to learn as a foreign language.

However, it’s also something that can be taught through strategic progression and repetition, which can certainly be built into a game. In fact, there are already some video games that endeavor to teach coding — we’d just be interested in seeing a better one.

PCB Creation

PCB Creation

The creation of printed circuit boards is at the core of the majority of our modern tech devices. Greater sophistication in how these PCBs are designed is in part what helps tech companies to make better and better devices — which ultimately makes the design process a hugely significant and distinctly modern skill.

Generally, we’re fortunate enough that there are enough electrical engineers to innovate and create the PCBs we need. But this can also be a fascinating skill to learn, and one that gives people a better understanding of how modern electronics really work.

Currently, it is possible for people to train themselves in PCB design. It’s explained in Altium’s take on PCB viewer downloads that a fairly quick set up can allow for access to digital design tools. In some cases, this means viewing and exploring digital renderings of others’ PCB designs.

But some of these software programs also allow for the actual step-by-step creation of circuit boards. Still, the practice might be more engaging to people without experience if it were presented through a game. It’s actually quite easy to imagine a mobile or PC game, in particular, that would present challenges and guide players through PCB design in order to solve them.

Achievements, awards, and progress (the things that keep gamers playing) could be built based on successful electrical engineering, and soon enough players would be picking up the skill.

Social Media Literacy

Social Media Literacy

In the modern world, social media is not a hobby or a luxury — it’s a skill, and one that we all need to navigate everyday life. Even if you’re not someone who works online or spends time on your own accounts, knowing how to understand social media is a necessity. It exposes you to news, keeps you connected with others, and can even provide you with social outlets or work opportunities.

There’s also more to learn than it seems. Look through Medium’s list of must-have skills for aspiring social media specialist and you’ll likely see a few skills you never really thought about (like trend awareness or deciphering analytics).

And while you don’t necessarily need to master all of these just to be literate in social media, the more you know the better. Regardless of specifics though, this is another subject that could be taught through a game. A mobile experience challenging players to accomplish various things with various types of social posts (perhaps imitating different real-world networks) could actually be pretty competitive and engaging.

Blockchain Navigation

Blockchain Navigation

It wouldn’t hurt for a few video games to teach us about the blockchain, either. The blockchain is basically the technological ledger that houses cryptocurrency transactions. But it’s also being used in other ways now, such that all kinds of communications, deals, and transactions are able to occur in a purely digital manner.

It’s possible that as the blockchain expands further into day-to-day life, it will be presented in a way that demands very little of the average person. Functionally, that is, we might not have to make any changes, even if some of the things we’re doing online are operating via blockchain.

Still, people should begin to develop an understanding of how blockchain tech works, and even how to send and receive cryptocurrency. Teaching all of this directly through a game might be somewhat tiresome — but a lifestyle simulation game in which blockchain simply happened to be the norm for handling transactions could be an excellent training tool for the modern world.

Most video games aren’t primarily concerned with gaming, in the end. But there’s nothing stopping clever developers from teaching practical skills by way of fun, engaging games. And these are just some of the possibilities that come to mind.

Twitch TV: 17 Proven Ways to Grow Your Channel Quickly

Throughout this blog, I’ve said –

Do this, Do that…

Where’s the f***ing solution (logical one, obviously)?

How can gaming streamers rank their videos on Twitch TV?

There’s a proven way – A Checklist.

To be precise, I’ve named it a Twitch TV streaming checklist.

Implement these suggestions on your Twitch channel,

And see the result yourself.

Now, let’s get to the main part –

Twitch TV Checklist for Newbie Streamers

Define your Goal

That’s the critical part.


A man without a goal is like a ship without a rudder,Thomas Carlyle

So, before starting your streaming career, make sure,

You’ve defined the goal.

What do you want to achieve in how much time?

Identify your style

Now the next question you need to ask yourself is –

What type of gaming streamer do you want to be?

One game expert or variety games streamer or Professional Gamers?

Each of them has its sets of pros. & cons.

So, take your time & choose wisely.

Channel Presentation

First impression is the last impression.

Keep this in mind.

This way, you can get an edge over others.

To get a detailed look into this, you can check this video by CreoVox

In an easy & detailed way, he has explained how you can customize your twitch channel.

Find the Right Time to Stream

Once you figured out the type of streamer you want to be,

Or what kind of games you want to play,

It’s time for you to find the right time to stream. Look at the image attached below –

Pokemon Blue vs. Pokemon Red & Blue

You see, as per the stats reported by Twitch Tracker, peak time reaches around 20:30 GMT.

And from then, viewership starts to decline.

Finally, at around, 07:30 GMT it hits bottom.

Here, I would suggest you change the timing here and there to what works best for you.

P.S., BTW, avoid the sudden peak of June 11. That’s only because of the official PS5 release by Sony.

Stick to a schedule

Once you know the right time,

Stick to it. Go live only around that time.

Make it a schedule. Don’t miss a single day.

No matter what it is.

You can make highlight videos of the stream & use them as a contingency for a missed stream.

Choosing the Right Games

That’s the most crucial part.

To find the right game, you must ask yourself these questions –

Do I enjoy this game?

Does this game excite me or make me curious?

How’s the competition?

If a particular game checks all these questions, then you can start with that game.

However, if you ask me,

I’ll recommend you to play retro games like Pac-man, Pokemon Games, Super Mario, Minecraft & more.

Retro Games


If you’re looking for a way to increase your followers rapidly on Twitch TV,

Collaboration with big streamers is what you need.

Thousands of viewers watching you ”LIVE”. Imagine how much exposure you can get.

Now, the question is how to approach big streamers?

Here’s an 11-minute video that’ll guide you ahead –

Pro tip: –

Don’t get nervous when thousands are watching you ”LIVE”.

Be yourself & impress the audience with your showcasing your points.

Discord Server

Today in 2020, the best way to get in touch with your audience is Discord App.

Create a Discord Server, add Discord bots, integrate with Twitch TV.

And invite your followers to it.

That’s it. You’re good to go.

Now, watch this short video before going ahead –

Once the integration is complete, you are all set to interact with your audience.

Do a voice chat with them or run a promotional giveaway.

There’s a lot more for you in the Discord App.

Mic Optimization

Everyone knows about this, but only handfuls of users do something to optimize their mic.

On platforms like Twitch, you need to look professional.

And optimizing the mic for the streaming platform is one step forward in the right direction.

Setting up Filters, Levels is basic. Check out this video –

See how easy it is to configure Advanced Mic Settings for OBS Studio.

Discord Voice Changer

Once advanced mic customization is complete, it’s time for you to add the fun element in your stream.

A discord voice changer is quite a useful tool if you want to change your voice to something funnier.

It can be a Robot filter, helium filter, or 100’s’s more. The choice is yours.

To know more about it, do check out my other post on Discord Voice Changer.

Here I’ve added 175+ voice changer effects.

Webcam Optimization

Assume you’re watching a stream on Twitch TV,

And all of a sudden, streamers video quality deteriorates.

That doesn’t look good, right?

So, what’s the solution? See this video below & you’ll know how easy it is –

Twitch Inspector Tools

Playing & streaming games can get tough when you encounter serious issues with the broadcast.

For your help, there’s a tool called Twitch Inspector Tool.

Instead of manually looking for ongoing broadcast issues, it helps automate the diagnose process.

Be it dropped frames, bitrate issue, or lag.

Whatever it is, Twitch Inspector Tool will tell you the right reason with a proper fix.

Catchy Stream Titles

Benjamin Franklin once said,

Honesty is the Best Policy

Today in 2020, when it comes to streaming, it’s’s solely relevant.

You see, I’ve seen many streamers use misleading stream titles to pull a live audience.

But that’s wrong.

Honest stream titles with a pinch of creativity work anything like wonders.

There’s a lot of things you can do to the title without deceiving the audience. Here’s all you can do –

  • Use anger, fear, or excitement as an emotion to attract the audience to your stream.
  • Use emoji that sets you apart from a large pool of streamers.
  • Try to use inside jokes.

Here are some examples of impressive Twitch Titles –

“I almost peed in my pants” instead of “Playing Amnesia: The Dark Descent.”

Twitch TV Optimization

Today when there’s quite high competition on Twitch TV,

It gets a bit hard for a newbie to leave a mark.

To make sure you do not miss out on this part,

Twitch tv allows you to control the thumbnail, title, gaming category, language, tags & description.

If you’re a growing twitch streamer, then it’s super crucial for you to include all the things I said earlier.

Now the question is how you would do it? It’s’s quite easy.

Supposing you’re playing RPG game Lost Odyssey.

Set it as your primary keyword.

Later add it at the beginning of Video Title, Video Description & Tags.

Remember, “To stay ahead of the Race, you got to Adapt.”

Royalty-Free Music

Using royalty-free music is an excellent addition to a video or clip.

It can save you from using copyright music in your videos.

Before going ahead, do check out these royalty-free music playlists on Spotify & YouTube.

Streaming Client

Manually setting up for an online stream is a hectic task.

To make it easier for you, we have streaming clients like OBS Studio, Streamlabs OBS & many.

Once installed on your PC, they will do every tedious task for you.

Instead of doing everything, it will configure recommended settings based on your internet speed & computer hardware.

BTW, in my case, I used OBS Studio.


Now, we’re close to an end.

Throughout the post of recommended you to do ”this,” or ”that.”

However, none of this matters.

Yeah! I repeat, none of this matter, until or unless you interact with your audience.

Even if only 3-4 viewers are watching, you got to interact with them.

Many people join Twitch TV to make new friends.

Make them feel like they part of your Twitch tv family.

Use Bots, give Shoutouts, Whispers,


Do whatever you can, give your best in interacting with them.

This way, even your followers can contribute to your channel growth.

Final Words

That’s all for now.

I guess this post would help & motivate a newbie streamer to start his/her streaming channel.

After reading this post, if you’ve any legit questions, then do let me know in the comments section below.

I’ll try everything in my power to help you out.

Create Discord Server: A Detailed Step-By-Step Guide

You know how to install 20 best discord bots, use Discord Voice Changer effects in your online streaming.

But do you actually know how can you Create your own Discord Server?

It’s not that hard.

As I promised previously, here’s a detailed step-by-step guide that you can use to Create Discord sever.

Now, without wasting much time, I’ll jump straight to the guide you need –

Set Up Your Discord Server in 5 Easy Steps.

  • Firstly, open in your web browser or download the Discord app on a PC or smartphone.
  • Once done, create an account or sign in using your existing Discord Account.
  • Now, Click the plus button visible in the image posted below –
Create Discord Server
  • After this, a pop up will appear asking you to either create a Discord Server or Join an existing Server. Here, select to create a new server.
  • See the image attached below and add the server name and server icon as per the theme of your content.
Create Discord Server
  • That’s it. You’ve successfully created your own server. Invite your audience using the invite link and you’re good to go with managing your followers in a better way.

Frequently Asked Questions | Create Discord Server

Q – How to make a Moderator on my Discord Server?

A – It’s great to reward the most active users by making them the moderator of your Discord. You can do all this with the help of popular Discord Bots.

Q – How do I add bots to my Discord Server?

A – It’s super easy to add a bot. Follow this small guide & you’ll add the 1st Bot to your Discord Server.

Q – Which Discord Bots I should Add in my Discord Server?

A – Check out my previous post where I’ve recommended some popular Discord Bots for your audience.

Final Words

So, how was the guide?

Were you able to create a discord server from scratch?

How was your experience? Do let me know your thoughts in the comments section.

Apart from this, if you’re still facing a problem in setting up your discord server, feel free to contact me anytime on

I’ll see you in the next post. Till then, you can check out some similar posts that can be helpful for you.