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Top Five Games Coming Out In The Next Few Months

2020 has been a year where gaming has reached astronomical new heights. Lockdown has given many of us more time than ever to enhance or rediscover our love for gaming. It is also a big year for console launches, with the launch of the new Xbox Series X and PS5 coming up that is set to completely revolutionize the gaming industry.

These next generations of gaming consoles are focusing on power, speed, and jaw-dropping visuals, packed with complex specifications designed to give gaming a whole new dimension.

And what would new consoles be without revolutionary game launches to match?

There are several exciting new games set to launch, no matter which is your console of preference. Keep in mind that if you are spending hours on a screen, it is crucial that your eyes are in full health.

Check out this website for plenty of eyeglasses ideas to avoid eye strain while playing your console. Here are the top five games coming out in the next few months.

Call of Duty Black Ops Cold War

Call Of Duty Black Ops Cold War is set to be released on the 13th of November and will be compatible with the Xbox Series X, Xbox One, PS4, PS5, and PC.

It is the much-awaited sequel to the original Call of Duty: Black Ops and is set in the eighties during the cold war. The story in Black Ops is inspired by actual events and features locations such as the Soviet KGB headquarters, Vietnam, and East Berlin.

Multiplayer features new and returning game modes and a new game mode called “Fireteam,” which can be played by up to forty players.


Fifa 21 is due for release on the 9th of October for the PS4, Xbox One, PC, Switch, and Stadia. It will then be released on the 10th of November for the Xbox Series X and the 12th of November for the PS5.

Fifa 21 is packed with features such as new agile dribbling, increased positional awareness to elevate footballers in-game intelligence, and creative runs such as directed runs, directed pass and go, and player lock.

It also has a re-imagined collision system and updates to the fundamentals of football throughout the game. There are in-depth detailing and an improved career mode that improves training, matches, and transfers.

Assassins Creed Valhalla

Assassin’s Creed Valhalla is due out on the 10th of November on Stadia, PC, Xbox One, Xbox Series X, PS4, and PS5. It is scheduled to be one of the first games to hit the next generation of consoles.

Set in the Viking times, play the game as Eivor (either male or female) who is on a quest from Norway to England where you will fight battles, lead raids, create alliances with other leaders to bring victory much more.

You can completely immerse yourself in a range of activities such as hunting, fishing, drinking competitions, or even flyting competitions – a method of verbally devastating rivals in verse, so nearly a Viking rap battle!

Halo Infinite

Halo Infinite is the sixth Halo Series main entry and the fourteenth game overall. Its release was delayed in August 2020, and it has now been pushed back until 2021 with an exact date to be confirmed.

It is available on Xbox Series X, Xbox One, and Windows 10 PC. It is the most ambitious Halo game ever built and follows the Master Chief as he confronts the most ruthless foe he’s ever faced. The storyline itself is apparently set to be “much more human,” and the Master Chief will play more of a central role.

Watch Dogs Legion

The new Watch Dogs Legion is the third installment in the game series and is set to be released on the 29th of October 2020 on PS4, PS5, Xbox Series X, Xbox Series S, Xbox One, Google Stadia, and Microsoft Windows.

The game itself will be set in an open world, in a fictionalized representation of London, with a choice of five main storylines. The game will feature a cooperative multiplayer option that allows up to four players to team up and work together.

Watch Dogs Legion is played from a third-person perspective, and missions can be freely undertaken at any time. Unlike other games within the series, this one allows you to recruit characters from all around the city, which you can make use of in the game.

These are some of the best games due to come out in the next few months. Which ones will you play?

5 Best Racing Games of All Time

Since the inception of racing games, gamers have loved to compete against the clock, and their friends, in virtual simulations. There is an intensity to a racing game, an increase in adrenaline levels, and freedom that doesn’t exist in the real world.

Racing games don’t have to be realistic either; they can be colorful and imaginative – such as Mario Kart or Star Wars Racer. If, however, you’re in the market for an exact rendition of a Formula One car, virtual racing games can provide that too – here are five of the best car games of all time.

Gran Turismo

Gran Turismo is a classic franchise in the racing genre that has seen several incarnations over the last twenty years. The original version was released in 1997 for the Playstation and featured 140 cars and 11 race tracks. The game was an immediate success, offering players two game modes (arcade and simulation) to test out their virtual driving capabilities.

Many sequels and spin-offs followed the original release, all with eager anticipation from fans and enthusiasts. However, there were significant differences in titles over the years, and not all of them were a resounding success. Perhaps the most well-known and much loved Gran Turismo title was Gran Turismo 3, released in 2001. It had fewer cars than previous titles, but they were all excellent creations that yet to be forgotten.

Mario Kart: Double Dash

Every time Nintendo releases new consoles, fans are eager to test out the latest Mario Kart title. There have been some excellent versions over the years, including ones that introduce something novel into the mix – the red shell, the oil slick, the glider, and the double dash. But it’s not just the features that make Mario Kart one of the very best racing games of all time; it’s the playability as well.

Perhaps one of the most iconic and fondly remembered titles is Mario Kart: Double Dash. The title was released for the GameCube in 2003 and received a warm reception from fans and critics. Using 3D Polygon graphics for the racers and introducing new gameplay options, such as cooperative gameplay, allowing two riders to occupy the same kart, the game is also remembered for its superb themed tracks.

F1 2018

If realism is what you look for in a racing game, you probably won’t forget F1 2018 for its graphics, tracks, and playability. Initially released for Microsoft Windows, Playstation 4, and Xbox One, F1 2018 featured substantial revisions from its predecessor, extending the career mode to allow players to develop the engine, chassis, and aerodynamics of the cars.

F1 2018 did an excellent job of approximating the 2018 Formula One World Championship and rendering it a highly playable and entertaining video game. It includes the very same 21 circuits, ten teams, and 20 drivers that participated in the competition, as well as exact digital replicas of cars such as the McLaren M23. This enthralling production is all you need to revisit the 2018 event and make it your own.

Star Wars Episode 1: Racer

Perhaps the best thing to emerge from Star Wars Episode One was the podracing game released in 1999 for the Nintendo 64 and Sega Dreamcast. Fans of the film – if there are any – will be familiar with the dusty landscape of Tatooine and the cast of characters who compete in the action-packed racing sequence. Add to the number of other imaginative tracks and gameplay modes, and the result is an extremely creative racing game not to be overlooked.

There is nothing realistic about it – it falls into the same category of racing games as Wipeout and F-Zero; but if you love virtual racing for the adrenaline rush and competition, as well and unexpected obstacles, then Star Wars Episode One Racer must be high on your list of all-time favorites. Following the release of this title, two more podracing games came out, including Star Wars: Racer Arcade, and Star Wars Racer Revenge, released in 2000, and 2002.


Winding back the clock to the mid-eighties, you will find Outrun, one of the first racing video games. First released by Sega in 1986, it was only available in arcade cabinets. The game was developed by Yu Suzuki, a Japanese game designer, and featured graphics that were cutting edge at the time. Suzuki sought inspiration from European landscapes, and the goal of the game is to avoid traffic and reach one of five destinations.

Players control a Ferrari Testarossa Spider from a third-person perspective. The camera angle is close to the ground allowing players to identify closely with the characters. The roads curve and dip challenging players to stay on track, and various obstacles come into view. The game is played against the clock, and there are multiple stages to overcome before winning the trophy. By today’s standards it is undoubtedly tame, but signals the beginning of a new genre.

20 Exclusive Minecraft Texture Packs [For Minecraft Dummies]

Playing Minecraft and looking at the same old texture of blocks, it gets boring (at least for me).

That’s why I install Minecraft Texture Packs (Most of the time).

These texture packs help me transform the dull texture of blocks, mobs, items & GUI to something simplistic, realistic.

If you search the internet, you’ll find thousands of texture packs. That can get a bit confusing for a newbie Minecraft player.

So, that’s why I’ve come up with 20 of the best of the best Minecraft texture packs.

Apart from this, I’ve even listed my top #3 pick. Now, let’s take a look at them one-by-one.

5 Best 1.16 Realistic Minecraft Texture Packs


Wolfhound Texture Pack


Clarity Texture Pack


Monsterley Texture Pack

Beetroot to Onions

Beetroot to Onions Texture Pack

No Crosshair

No Crosshair Texture Pack

5 Best 1.16 Simplistic Minecraft Texture Packs

Rodrigo’s Pack 8×8

Rodrigo’s Pack 8×8 Texture Pack

Soft Bits!

Soft Bits! Texture Pack

Quadral {1.16}

Quadral {1.16} Texture Pack


PixaGraph Texture Pack


CreatorPack Texture Pack

5 Best 1.16 Themed Minecraft Texture Packs


JoliCraft Texture Pack


Depixel Texture Pack

Meltdown Apocalyptic Pack

Meltdown Apocalyptic Pack Texture Pack

Radioactive Netherite

Radioactive Netherite Texture Pack

Soul fire souls

Radioactive Netherite Texture Pack

5 Best 1.16 Photo Realistic Minecraft Texture Packs

Dramatic Skys

Dramatic Skys Texture Pack

LB Photo Realism Reload!

LB Photo Realism Reload! Texture Pack

Round Trees

Round Trees Texture Pack

Monsterley HD universal

Monsterley HD universal Texture Pack

Annahstas Beastrinia Pokemon

Annahstas Beastrinia Pokemon Texture Pack

Note: All these Texture Packs are compatible with the latest Minecraft 1.16 Nether  Update.

What Minecraft texture packs do I use?

By now, I’ve listed around 20 popular Minecraft texture packs along with their download links.

Out of all these amazing texture packs, which one do I use myself?

Well, as far as 2020 is concerned,


Sphax PureBDcraft


LB Photo Realism Reload, are three of my favorite Minecraft Texture Packs.
If you’ve used them before, then let me know via the comments section below.

Now, before going ahead, let’s take a look at the reason why I like these 3 texture packs –


After trying out almost every texture packs (from this list) there’s one thing I’ve come to realize.

There isn’t any texture pack that’s more attractive than Jolicraft.

Not a single one.

Tell me if I’m wrong here.

Besides, it’s been there for quite some time.

So, if you’ve played Minecraft ever before, there’s a chance you might have heard of it before.

Today even though it’s a bit old texture pack but the thing with Jolicraft is you won’t notice.

It’s as cute as it was at the time of launch.

Sphax PureBDcraft

With an attractive comic book style, Sphax PureBDcraft has made a lot of Minecraft fans for itself.

Everyone who has viewed let’s play of Minecraft, it’s possible you might have heard of it somewhere in the custom texture community of Minecraft.

Its unique comic book style is the reason why many prefer it over Minecraft’s original textures.

In fact, I love its sleek edges. That’s why I recommend this texture pack. If you want to try it for yourself then go to the BDCraft’s official site and pick it up.

It’s as easy as it sounds.

LB Photo Realism Reload

As soon as when LB Photo Realism got released, it became popular among hardcore Minecraft players.

That’s when today we’ve LB Photo Realism Reload, a continuation version of its predecessor.

Now, let’s talk of how it is different from its competition.

Well, thanks to its attractive texture swap. That’s what makes trees look fluffy.

That’s not it. It helps grass look quite realistic. So, if anyone is looking to get realism over the original textures, well, then I believe LB Photo Realism Reload is your best bet.

If you ask me, I believe the change was quite needed.

BTW, after using the texture pack, Minecraft can get a bit hard. Well, that’s the price you need to pay in order to experience something remarkable.

Frequently Asked Questions | Minecraft Texture Packs

Q – What are some websites for Minecraft texture packs?

A – 1. 2. 3.

Q – What’s the IRL equivalent to a Minecraft texture pack?

A – Well, Glasses are the perfect equivalent to Minecraft Texture Pack. By using these packs, you can see everything in HD now.

Q – What is the most underrated Minecraft texture pack of all time?

A – PureBDCraft. That’s my favorite Minecraft Texture Pack of all time. What about you? Let me know in the comment section given below.

Q – What is the most demanding Minecraft texture pack that requires a very advanced PC?

A – 1. Sphax PureBDcraft 2. R3D.CRAFT.

Final Words

That’s all for now. I’ve listed my topmost favorite Minecraft Texture Packs. I’ll continue to add some more as the time passes. However, in the meantime, I would love to know & try out some of your recommended texture packs.

So, do list down your favorite Minecraft texture pack in the comments section below. In the meanwhile, check out the latest & ultimate collection of Minecraft Modpack Launcher.

#10 New Problems with Minecraft Nether Update

This week on June 23, Minecraft released Nether update for Java & Bedrock editions.

Minecraft Nether Update adds new Nether biomes, materials, enemies, music & lots more.

I guess you already knew that.

Every time a new update comes, it comes at the expense of new & major problems.

That’s the same case with this update.

Now, let’s figure out its 10 major problems.

Minecraft Nether Update Major Problems

Problem 1 – Creative Mode

When playing the java version on PC, there’s an issue with the creative mode.

Whenever I used new armor or blocks, it was turning into stone blocks.

I don’t know but I tried the same again & again.

Everything went vain.

BTW, this problem isn’t limited to the java version of Minecraft.

An Xbox user reported quite a strange error in the subreddit thread.

He was unable to find any new block except allow, deny, and border blocks.

That’s not it.

Even the nether looks the same bedrock version of Minecraft.

Problem 2 – Ticking Areas

When players are in the Overworld, the Ticking Areas from Nether still have all the effects.

In fact, you can’t even see them in /tickingarea list, not unless all-dimensions are set.

As of now, this confirmed bug is detected in Windows 10 PC.

If you’re facing the same issue on any other device, let me know in the comments.

Problem 3 – Ghasts Spawn

Between Minecraft 1.14 and 1.16, Ghasts were completely changed internally.

They became from “Mob” to “Monster”.

By default, monsters are hardcoded to spawn at low light.

Now, the Ghasts spawn only when the light is below 8.

You cannot change them by making changes in JSON based rules.

And btw, the issue is reported for many platforms.

Problem 4 – Camera Issue

In the java edition of Minecraft Nether Update, it possible to pass-through –

  • Glass.
  • Glass Panes.
  • And Iron bars.

using 3rd person camera view.

However, the same option isn’t yet available in the Bedrock edition 1.16.0 update.

At present, this issue is confirmed for the Xbox One gaming console.

Problem 5 – Instant game crash.

Minecraft is reportedly crashing whenever a user tries to use a fill command of walls.

The crash is happening instantly.

The latest crashing bug was first reported on Xbox one with v1.16.0.68 beta & now recently released a 1.16.0 update.

You can check this bug on your gaming console. All you’ve to do is –

  • Use /fill command.
  • As a fill block, use walls.
  • Use the command to make sure the walls will connect as soon as the command is complete.
  • Now, check if the game crashed or not.

If it did then do let me know in the comments section or report it officially to Mojang.

Problem 6 – Witch hat

Several Windows 10 PC users have confirmed that witch hat from character creator isn’t following head movements.

Not only this, but some users also reported that even their fake villager’s nose got frozen because of this.

Problem 7 – Entity Drop Loot

A Nintendo switch user reported that the Entities drop loot option isn’t working in the latest Minecraft Nether Update.

The user turned off “Entities Drop Loot” option in the world creation menu.

However, even after disabling-enabling the option again & again, mobs dropped their loot.

Problem 8 – Offhand animation

Multiple users reported offhand animation related problems with all the zombies (except drowned).

So, it means, every time a zombie has an item in its offhand, it tends to position it correctly.

As if it is a real player.

Later when the zombies are attacking an object, it crosses its arms to make it look like they are charging a bow.

And btw, this issue is reopened after affecting Minecraft version 1.14.60 Hotfix.

Problem 9 – Chunk loading

After the latest 1.16.0 Minecraft Nether Update, several users reported problems related to random and slow chunk load.

As a result of this, there’s a major problem when flying with elytra or flying around in the creative mode.

Not only this, it gets a hell of difficulty in traversing the world.

As far as I know, this issue is mainly reported by Nintendo Switch and iPad pro-2018 users.

Problem 10 – Map pointer

Now comes the final major problem that came with Minecraft Nether Update.

This time, its map pointer causing the havoc.

It’ll work fine.

As long as you’re near the edge of the map, you’re fine.

However, the moment you try to approach the edges, the map pointer jumps straight to a random spot.

And later it stops moving all of a sudden.

BTW, it’s not happening one or two times.

Every time you try to go to edges, you get the same result.

Final Words

These are some major problems that the developers need to fix for a smooth gaming experience.

Besides, there are several other minor issues reported. However, none of them creates a major problem in Gameplay.

By chance, if I missed any major issue in the latest Minecraft Nether Update, do let me know about it in the comments section.

That’s all for now. I’ll update once there’s a solution to these major problems. In the meanwhile, take a look at ultimate Minecraft Modpack Launcher collection.

30 Popular Pokemon Games of All-Time [2020]

You…me, or any gamer out there must have played Pokemon games on a gaming console.

As far as I know, Be it the Pokemon 1st generation games or 8th generation games (2019 – present), Game Freak (Developers) has ever disappointed any Pokemon fan.

In the 24 years of Pokemon video games history, we have seen over 20 Major releases along with spin-offs, mobile apps, pc titles, and more.

Day by day, the Pokemon user base is growing like never before.

To all the streamers out there, I believe, now’s the right time for you to start streaming Pokemon games.

See this screenshot below –

Source: Google Trends

What you see here is the comparison of two popular Pokemon games. The 1st one in blue color is Pokemon Blue (1996), and the 2nd game is Pokemon Red & Blue (1998).

See how, in the last 12 months, their Google trend has increased in the US.

FYI, this trend stat is taken from Google Trend (A tool by Google). You can use it to analyze which game you should play.

BTW, to make it easy for you, I’m adding some trending Pokemon Games in 2020. Do give them try.

They’ll do wonders for you. Now, without wasting much, let’s jump straightaway to the post –

30 Popular Pokemon Games to play in 2020

These are the 30 games that you can play to attract Pokemon lovers to your stream.

Pocket Monsters Red, Blue, and Green

It was in 1996 when for the 1st time, Nintendo released a Pokemon game. The initial release was limited to GAME BOY consoles in JAPAN.

These are the games that started the journey of a Multibillionaire franchise.

In terms of accomplishments, it’s included in the IGN’s “Top 100 Games of all time”.

Later in 1998, Nintendo released its special edition for Game Boy and Game Boy Color with the title – Pokemon Yellow Version: Special Pikachu Edition.

Pokemon Gold and Pokemon Silver

Pokemon Gold Version and Pokemon Silver Version were the 1st installments of 2nd gen. Pokemon games for Game Boy and Game Boy Color.

Since its release in 1999, it received great reviews from critics and die-hard RPG gamers. By the end of 2010, Pokemon Gold and Pokemon Silver have jointly sold over 23 Million Units worldwide.

Fast Forward to 2009, Nintendo released an enhanced remake of these two games with the new name of Pokemon HeartGold and SoulSilver.

Since the official release, their combined sales have reached 12.72 million copies (making it 8th best selling DS video game ever).

Pokemon Crystal Version

Pokemon Crystal is an improved version of Pokemon Gold and Silver, which released one year after the official release of previous games.

Pokemon Ruby and Pokemon Sapphire

1st installment of 3rd gen. Pokemon gaming series was released in 1998 exclusively for Game Boy Advance. In fact, that was for the 1st time when Nintendo released a game in collaboration with The Pokemon Company.

At the time of the release, it received mixed reviews because of its poor graphics and repetitive gameplay.

Despite all this, Pokemon Ruby and Sapphire went on to become 2nd and 3rd best selling game of 2003.

Pokemon Emerald

After receiving backlash, the developers released Pokemon Emerald as an enhanced version to the predecessor.

Pokemon FireRed and Pokemon LeafGreen Version

In the year 2004, Nintendo and The Pokemon Company created Pokemon FireRed and Leafgreen for Gameboy Advance.

The developed created this game as an enhanced remake of the previous version of Ruby and Sapphire.

With this new game, the developers introduced several new features, which resulted in selling 12 million copies worldwide.

Pokemon Diamond and Pokemon Pearl

Pokemon Diamond and Pearl belongs to the 4th gen. of Pokemon video game series. These editions were released solely for the Nintendo DS gaming console.

With Pokemon Diamond and Pearl, the makers introduced Internet play using a Wi-Fi connection, change in battle mechanics & Pokemon Contests.

As a result of these new features, it sold 2 million copies more than its predecessor version Pokemon FireRed and LeafGreen.

Pokemon Platinum

After the immense success of Pokemon Diamond and Pearl, the developers introduced their enhanced version in the form of Pokemon Platinum.

Right after its release, Pokemon Platinum established new records making its fastest-selling NINTENDO DS game Japan. By March 31, 2010, it had sold over 7.06 million copies worldwide.

Later IGN named it at 9th best Nintendo DS game ever made.

Pokemon Black and Pokemon White

By the time Pokemon gaming series reached its 5th gen., it had the most extensive fan base any gamer has ever seen.

In fact, before the release of its 1st installment, it had already sold 1 Million copies by pre-orders. Later, it became the fastest game to sell 5 million copies.

Pokemon Black 2 and Pokemon White 2

Looking back at the immense success of Pokemon Black and White, Nintendo announced its 2nd version in 2012.

Once again, it received favorable reviews, and, in the end, it went on to sell 7.81 million copies.

Pokemon X and Y

Ten months after the announcement, when Nintendo and the Pokemon company released Pokemon X and Y in October 2013, everyone praised the developers for advancements and innovations in the gameplay.

The most anticipated game of 2013 went on to sell 4 million copies in its 1st weekend. As of March 31, 2020, it has sold over 16 million copies worldwide.

Now, X and Y have become the second most selling game right behind Mario Kart 7.

Pokemon Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire

As the name suggests, it is an enhanced remake version of hit video game Pokemon Ruby and Sapphire that was released in 2002.

12 Years later, in 2014, the enhanced remake received positive reviews from the fans. As of March 31, 2020, it went on to sell 14.27 million copies worldwide.

Pokemon Sun and Moon

Being part of the 7th gen. of Pokemon video game series, Pokemon Sun and Moon were the 1st installments exclusive for Nintendo DS.

To date, Pokemon Sun and Moon have sold a total of 16 million copies worldwide. In terms of record, it’s on the 3rd number right behind Pokemon X and Y.

Pokemon Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon.

One year after the official release of Pokemon Sun and Moon, Nintendo and the Pokemon Company released their enhanced version in 2017.

By the end of 2018, it went on to sell 8 million copies worldwide.

Pokemon Let’s Go, Pikachu! And Let’s Go, Eevee!

On November 16, 2018, Nintendo and the Pokemon Company released the remake version of Pokemon Yellow Special Edition (1998) for their new gaming console Nintendo Switch.

Although it received favorable reviews, it was unable to break the record of its predecessors. As of now, it has sold around 12 million copies worldwide.

Pokemon Sword and Shield

Last year in November 2019, Nintendo released Pokemon Sword and Shield as part of the 8th generation.

Before its release, it stirred into a controversy as the makers decided not to include any pre-existing Pokemon in the latest version of the game.

By the end of March 2020, Sword and Shield had sold more than 17 million copies worldwide. It has now become the fastest-selling game on the Nintendo Switch.

Final Words

Have you played any of the 13 pokemon games I’ve listed in this post?

Well, if you’re a hardcore gamer, then you probably would have played it already. Besides, if you haven’t yet, then feel free to give them a try.

Or else,

These are the 13 best pokemon games that a streamer can play to attract viewers to their channel.

Be it YouTube, Twitch, or any other streaming platform.

That’s all f0r now. If the post was helpful for you, do let me know your views in the comment section given below.

MorphVox Pro vs. VoiceMod: Quick Review [2020]

“Take your voice-changing to a new level with superior voice-learning technology”

Well, that’s what the makers of MorphVox voice changer promise. But what’s the reality?

Does this voice changer live up to your expectations? To figure out the answer to all these questions, I’ve come up with a post on MorphVox Pro.

Not only this, but I’ve also compared MorphVox voice changer with its competitor app Voicemod. I

If you’re a gamer or professional video content creator and serious about using voice changer apps,

This post is for you. Read it line-by-line and let me know how this post was in the comments section. Let’s go:

What MorphVox Pro Has to Offer?

When the MorphVox Pro trial period gets exhausted, it’ll cost you ranging from 11 USD to 17 USD (DLC Pack). You can purchase it from steam or from the app itself.

  • Large library of voice packs and sound effects.
  • Audio alarms.
  • Best quality sound with advanced voice learning algorithms.
  • Add custom made backgrounds and sound effects.
  • Complete integration with chatbots and online games.
  • Load audio files or record a morphed audio file.
  • Low bandwidth and CPU usage.
  • Advanced vocal tract filters.
  • Set up a quick voice using a single keystroke.

Supported Apps

Supported Games


How to use Morphvox with Discord

As compared to Clownfish voice changer, setting up MorphVox with Discord is a quite simple 7-step process. Take a look at it yourself –

  • Install the Morphvox app and open it with administrator rights.
  • There’s a voice settings option at the bottom right corner of your Discord. Click on it to proceed.
  • Now, make sure Screaming Bee is set as your input device. If not, then change it as per the requirement.
  • Below input sensitivity, there’s an option to automatically determine input sensitivity. Uncheck it.
  • Speak in your microphone to test all the settings. Adjust the sensitivity settings if needed.
  • That’s it. Now, you can start using MorphVox with the Discord app.

Voicemod vs Morphvox



New and refreshed APP OLD AS HELL.
Supports Windows/android/ios SUPPORTS ONLY WINDOWS

That’s the major difference between Voicemod and Morphvox. If you still have doubts, take a look at this screenshot of a question I asked in a Gaming community.

Voicemod vs Morphvox


Q – My 7-day trial has ended. How can I activate my software?

A – Once your trial period is over, you’ll see the ‘Buy Now’ option in the program. Click on it to complete the payment. After a successful transaction, you’ll receive a code via email to unlock the Morphvox Pro permanently.

Q – What is Screaming Bee Audio Driver?

A – Make the most out of the Morphvox Pro voice changer by using add-ons pack with it.

Q – Is there any restriction in sharing the morphed audio file I created?

A – No, not at all. You’re free to use or share morphed audio created in the MorphVox pro app. The voice changers have no right at all here.

Q – I’m getting robotic sound even with the lower voices.

A – To fix this issue, move the Timbre slider to the left or downwards.

Q – I’m playing Fortnite but the sound is not morphing. What should I do?

A – Head over to the audio section in the settings of the Fortnite game. Scroll downwards and select “Screaming Bee Audio Driver” in the voice capture settings.

Final Words


How’s MorphVox Pro voice changer?

I guest with the help of this post you were able to find all you get with MorphVox Pro.

Furthermore, I’ve compared it with its competitor app Voicemod voice changer and cleared all the doubts or problems you might be facing with it.

However, if you’re still facing any problem with the voice changer, do let me know in the comments section below.

I’ll try my best to update the post with the appropriate solutions.

GTA 5 RP Servers: 4 Best English Roleplay Servers (Of All-Time)

Have you ever thought of playing yourself (or something creative) as a character in a video game?

Well, the way we’re technologically advancing, one day it was bound to happen.

However….. however, I never thought it would be happening this early & that too in the 2nd most selling game (after Sandbox Video Game Minecraft) – GTA V.

As per the latest report by Games Industry, to date GTA V has sold more than 130 million copies of the game.

Now, I would come back to the reason why I thought of writing this post – GTA V RP by FiveM.

You can find more about this GTA V RP Mod from my previous post.

To sum it up, I would say, you need to sign up for GTA 5 RP Servers to start playing as a unique in-game character.

At this moment, there’re thousands of GTA 5 RP Servers in 50+ languages.

See it yourself in the attached screenshot –

That’s way too much. Isn’t it? How would you find some quality servers from here?

I know it’s difficult but not impossible. So, here I’m listing some popular & quality GTA 4 RP Servers. Let’s begin –



When it comes to popularity, NOPIXEL GTA 5 roleplay server tops the list. That’s the primary reason why I think it’s hard to join this server. NOPIXEL supports only 32 players at a moment. As soon as this server gained some reputation, it started receiving applications in higher numbers. At one point, it received over 4,000 applications. Due to this reason, the creators had to suspend the application process for some time.

That being said, within no time, NOPIXEL GTA 5 RP server started receiving applications. So, if you’ve got a legal GTA 5 copy that I recommend you to apply for this server.

Who knows what happens next and start playing with these popular twitch streamers?


ECLIPSE RP supports around 200 players at a time of their server.

That’s 6X more than the 32 players in the NOPIXEL Roleplay Server. Similar to some top GTA RP Servers, Eclipse RP does offer some amazing features.

However, the one that impressed me is the detailed forum section. Directly from its forums, you can try to join popular crime factions ranging from the Th Clowns to Los Santos Irish Mob. Apart from this, their form has special posts for definite Jobs in the server.

You can apply for the job at Los Santos Customs and Los Santos Medical Services. Doing so will surely give depth to the creative character you created.

Before applying to this server, one thing you must know is that as it’s a premier server, you might have to sit in the waitlist for some time.


When GTA 5 RP was a new thing, Mafia City was the most awaited server. Although, it took them 2 years.

“Good Things Take Time”

That’s absolutely true in the case of the MAFIA CITY GTA 5 RP Server.

At the time of its release, it came with, Customized player business and corporations and a “Dynamic” legal and illegal group system.

Apart from this, you can play as a gangster, cop, or CEO that’s obsessed with money.


At the time of writing this post, GTA V Roleplay has 1K members. Out of all the servers, I’ve mentioned had some special thing about them.

What’s the USP of this server? What makes it stand out among other servers?

Well, it’s entirely a text-based server. Here, the only difference is you interact with strangers by chatting with them.

Apart from this, most of the features in this server are quite alike than other servers.

Just like other servers, there’s a sign-up process that you need to complete in order to gain complete access to your character.

Even if you’re not a registered member of the group, you can check out its forums to find what really is happening and what kind of factions are in available here.

Final Words

Three Months back I created a unique character in the Eclipse RP. I had used Discord Voice Changer Effects to add a filter to my voice and give it a unique identity.

I totally loved it.

After playing this game for a month or so, I ended up making some new gaming friends with whom I sometimes play RPG games like Lost Odyssey.

That was all for me! What about you?

Have you played GTA 5 Roleplay before? If yes, then do let me know which one is your favorite server. Or else if I missed to add a popular server in the list, do let me know by writing to me at

If you’re a newbie in GTA 5 RP servers, let me know which one attracted you the most. I’ll wait for your answer in the comments section below.

Minecraft Modpack Launcher Ultimate Collection [2020 Edition]

In one of my previous posts, I added 30+ games every gamer must play. Being a popular game since its official release in 2009, I had added this game on the list.

We’re in 2020; gamers are losing interest in playing Minecraft. Although, the makers keep on saying Minecraft is Infinite.

Yeah! It can be. But what if old users are not interested in playing it, especially when there isn’t anything new for them to explore.

So, as a hardcore Minecraft game, I can’t see this. So, to attract new gamers, I’ll post useful pro-level guides on my blog.

If you’re new to Minecraft, & reading this post, I would recommend you to check all the in-depth guides. Meanwhile, when it comes to this post, I’ll tell you about 7 popular Minecraft Modpack Launcher. You can check the complete list from below –

5+ Greatest Minecraft Modpack Launcher


It’s a simple Minecraft launcher with a smooth user experience. At the time of writing this post, ATLauncher has 280 ModPacks. And out of these modpacks, 117 are public. ATLauncher makes none of these modpacks. And this is what makes this launcher great.

To download this launcher, click on the Download button below. Once the download page opens, select the latest versions for the operating system you’re using.

Technic Launcher

As compared to ATLauncher, Technic Launcher has around 10K Minecraft Modpacks.

Well, that’s a lot. Within a few clicks, Technic launcher installs the ModPack, and you’re good to use trending community modpacks like Crafting Dead, SKY, Decimation & more.

You can download this Minecraft Modpack Launcher for PC with Windows/MAC/Linux Operating System. Here’s the download link –

FTB Launcher

FTB Launcher or Feed-the-Beast launcher is an all-purpose Minecraft mudpack with optimal FPS, server stability & performance. Although FTB launcher has a lot of Minecraft Modpacks, these 4 are my personal favorites. I would recommend you to check them out first –

  • SkyFactory
  • Stoneblock 2
  • Infinity Evolved
  • Revelation
  • Sky Adventures
  • Beyond

Apart from these 6 modpacks, if you want me to include your favorite modpack, do let me know in the comments section with an appropriate reason.

You can download this Minecraft Modpack Launcher for PC with Windows/MAC/Linux Operating System. Here’s the download link –

Void Launcher

Void launcher or popularly known as The Launcher is a custom modpack launcher that is made by Rich1051414.

If you’re using 40+ mods than to use this launcher, you must increase the performance for a smoother experience.

You can download this Minecraft Modpack Launcher for PC with Windows OS and Cross Platform systems. Here’s the download link –

EvanMC Launcher

EvanMC Launcher is a type of launcher that’s not exclusive to evanMC Modpack. If you’re using a mod pack with version 1.6.2 or newer then evanMC will work for you.

So, if you’re a mudpack creator, then, evanMC launcher is what you need to distribute their packs efficiently to the end-users.

You can download this Minecraft Modpack Launcher for PC with Windows OS and Cross-Platform systems. Here’s the download link –


I hope with this post, and you were able to find some of the best Minecraft Modpack Launcher.

Apart from this, if you want to create your private Minecraft server or Minecraft Mods, you can check out the complete process from my blog.

Lost Odyssey: Still the Best RPG Game after 13 Years?

There are very few games in the RPG genre that regards themselves as ‘classics.’

Even a highly anticipated game like Final Fantasy XV turned out to be an utter disappointment. Now, we all have our hopes centered around the arrival of Final Fantasy 16. Well, the game we are talking about is Lost Odyssey.

This one game always brings me towards the good old memories of the late 2000s. Lost Odyssey was released for Xbox 360 in late 2007, and Mistwalker developed the game. You can see glimpses of Final Fantasy and Highlander in the storyline of the game, as it involves immortality.

When the game was newly released, I bought it for my Xbox 360, and I tried playing a couple of times. However, I couldn’t play it with consistency, it was a fun game, but I forgot to play it.

After almost a decade has passed, I found the game sitting idle in the dust, so I decided to dust it off and play it on my old Xbox. I’m glad that I chose to play it. I feel bad for not playing it with dedication back in the early days.

Final Fantasy’s Glimpses in Lost Odyssey

Want to know about Lost Odyssey, a forgotten classic JRPG from the late 2000s? Read the article to find out why this game deserves more attention and affection.

The games like Final Fantasy have evolved a lot in recent years since, especially the last three editions FFXII, XIII, and XV. The elements of the game have changed to the point that they look different.

Well, XV received flak from the audience, no wonder! When I was playing Lost Odyssey, it reminded me of the nostalgic days of PlayStation 1. The Final Fantasy games were fun back then.

Let’s hope the studio doesn’t mess up with Final Fantasy 16 in the future. The Lost Odyssey game offers you everything you need from a good match. It has a fascinating storyline, turn-based fight, characters interactions, and the beautiful fictional universe that make you go curious over it.

Lost Odyssey’s storyline follows a character named Kaim, who’s an immortal with memory-loss. Due to some tragedy that occurred to him, he is not interested in recovering the memory.

You come across him during the battle of the two nations – Uhra and the Khent. A meteor strike destroys everything, though, and our protagonist is one of the few survivors of the tragedy due to his immortality superpower. Despite having the power of immortality, Kaim can’t rescue anyone.

Kaim finds another immortal, a lady named Seth, she’s a victim of memory loss just like him. Even though Kaim has lost memories, he starts recovering them during sleep in his dreams. The random events occurring in the storyline trigger the recovery.

A kid tells him of his dream of becoming a mercenary upon growing up, which reminds him of his past. He was in the battle with a mercenary who pretends to be a braveheart but runs away from the action soon as he senses the impending doom.

The memories of him are him, but these memories tell him how our human nature is. If you ask me how I feel about these stories, then let me tell you, they are beautiful, the writer has poignantly written to them.

I think that the studio could’ve done a better job of blending them into the game. They are more like a diversion from the flow of the game—the stories needed to be more appealing from the visual point.

The character interactions in the game are funny, similar to FFIX. You see them arguing, bantering, annoying each other. However, they manage to stay together to fight the challenge.

There’s a magician character in the game; in the start, he feels like an irritating character that should’ve never been added to the game. Still, as time goes, you enjoy his eccentricities. His comic responses are a relief in the events happening.

Let’s discuss the fictional universe of the game. The world in the Lost Odyssey is gorgeous, and you can see that the studio has taken extra efforts to make it look as spectacular as possible.

The Kingdom of Numara is beautiful, a treat to the eye of the player. The architecture and nature look stunning. The long-lasting peace in the universe makes it possible for people to focus on culture.

Final Words

After playing Lost Odyssey almost a decade later, I feel bad for not playing this game and finishing it while it was newly released. However, I think that this game is as classic as good games from Final Fantasy.

However, I have one question that we must ask ourselves: are old-style JRPGs better than the latest games we see in the market? Let’s see how Final Fantasy 16 will be.

This game’s like an old friend you haven’t seen since ages, meeting him again brings back all the nostalgic memories. I am yet to finish the game, but make sure you play it whenever you get time.