Is the Youth target of choice for new Smartphone brands?

Smartphone market is very competitive, with every brand fighting for a larger share. It comes as no surprise that most products are targeted at the largest demographic i.e. youth. It doesn’t hurt that youngsters are quite passionate about embracing smartphones and all that they bring. Smartphones combined with internet are a must have in the life of this demographic. However, when it comes to attracting youth to particular products, there are multiple additional features such as camera and apps, which come into play. Lets take a look at How are brands coming out with the products targeting the age group of youth [15 -35]:


Most of the young population carries smartphones. Most of this demographic is accessing the Internet primarily via a smartphone or other mobile devices. With constant need to be active on social media or even staying updated on emails, the connectivity factor is one of the major concerns for youth. Smartphones such as Coolpad Note 3 offering 4G connectivity along with Dual SIM feature and GPS at an affordable price easily win brownie points among users.

coolpad note 3 plus


When it comes to younger demographic, price is an important factor. While you might see them changing products at a rapid and consistent pace, they are quite particular about the money they spend. ‘Value for money’ is a big winner, while targeting youth. For example, the Coolpad Note Lite saw great success by offering premium features at a budget price.

Cool Features

When it comes to smartphone features, all of them matter, whether it is the camera or USB connectivity. Since, this is the age of ‘selfie’ generation, more and more smartphone brands are offering variations of front cameras. Still, additional features related to OS, design also carry an extra attraction. Recently, Coolpad Note 3 and Note 3 Lite garnered lot of eyeballs by offering the finger print scanner feature at an affordable price.


Unlike the older generations, the youth is very particular about their technology. Most brands know this fact and are not shying away by highlight multiple feats there products can achieve. Superior technology usually wins in terms of users, despite the brand. Smartphones such as Coolpad Max offer features like Fast charge, dual feature [dual 4G], along with a powerful processor and RAM to addresses the needs of this target audience.



Popularity of Instagram itself is quite telling, when it comes to the obsession of the youth with taking pictures. Hence, the camera quality is something smartphone makers can’t afford to mess up. The Coolpad Note 3 offers a 13MP rear camera with auto-focus and LED flash along with a 5-megapixel camera on the front. The camera comes with feature such as quick launch and a great camera app. The amazing auto-focus and shutter speed at a sub-10K price segment clearly attracted more users.


While the youth is obsessed with themselves, they also see their devices as an extension of themselves. The ‘light and slim’ have become the basic requirements for new smartphones. In fact, most brands seem to be competing among-st themselves to bring out the most slim and light products. The looks are what attract the youth most, to a device. In the tradition of premium looking devices, the Coolpad Max offered a premium Metal Body design with full metal chassis, matte, bead-blasted backside forged from aluminum alloy along with a 2.5 D Curved Glass.


As more and more entertainment is being consumed on the go, whether its movies or games, the users want better displays. The Coolpad Note 3 comes with a 5.5-inch HD IPS display with HD resolution and 267 ppi pixel density gives strong competition  to most Full HD screens at similar price points.


The youth lifestyle is always susceptible to wear and tear. This has made Corning Gorilla Glass protection and scratch-resistance a norm. The ‘tough and aesthetically pleasing’ is the key to a good design.


Smartphones have become an integral part of modern youth’s life. They want all the features a smartphone can have at an affordable price, without losing on quality. Brands have to come out with products to meet their expectations at every step to stay relevant.

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