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Microsoft Offers Hindi Solutions On The World Hindi Day Celebration

A large number of Indians use their local language in their work and personal life. Keeping in mind the behavioral pattern of Indians, Microsoft has been aiming to  cater to the language diversity of Indians. To celebrate, the World Hindi Day, Microsoft took a look back at its initiative bringing the language to the Indian customers tech life. The company had announced Native Unicode support for Hindi in the year 2000. This unicode is also supported as a part of Microsoft’s server operating systems, Exchange, SharePoint & SQL. The company says Hindi is also core to these services running from Microsoft’s India data centers.

The company released has released a list of initiatives towards bringing Hindi across devices and services, including : Product localization [Microsoft has localized Windows and Office (provided Language Accessory Packs) in 14 Indian languages including Hindi. Its Office suite of apps offers Hindi language support across iOS and Android as well and offer features like proofing tools], Hindi language support on Windows Phone [With  Windows 10 Mobile, a new phonetic keyboards for 10 Indian languages including Hindi that allow users to type on a familiar QWERTY keyboard layout and the IME converts what they type into their native script], Skype Translator Messenger [Skype Translator messenger instantly translates conversation in IM from English to Hindi. Skype Translator is also supported by Microsoft Translator for IM communication in more than 50 languages], and Microsoft Language Interface Packs [Microsoft has localized its Windows and Office products into more than 40 languages and dialects globally. In India, the company has localized Windows and Office (provided Language Accessory Packs) in 14 Indian languages including Hindi.  Microsoft Language Interface Packs (LIP) can be downloaded free of charge. A LIP language has translations for up to 300,000 words in Windows and for 600,000 Office.

Other solutions include The Indic Language Input Tool [the tool facilitates users to input localized text easily and quickly. It is available in two versions; the desktop version enables the user to input localized text directly into any application running on Windows, such as Microsoft Word or Outlook. The web version allows the user to enter text on any web page without requiring software download. The tool is available for free download and currently supports ten languages including Hindi, Microsoft Translator App [the company has also introduced a translator app that works across smartphones, tablets, Apple Watch and Android Wear devices. Microsoft Translator supports up to 50 different languages including Hindi] and Project Bhasha [it is a cohesive program that brought together the governments, the academia and the research institutions, the local ISVs and developers and the industry associations on a common ground for promoting local language computing. Microsoft’s website www.bhashaindia.com is a one stop shop for consumers to download and get access to Hindi software, tools, content and code].

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