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Google Hints at Android and Chrome OS Merger

by Amanon October 22, 2014
Google has appointed it’s President of Engineering, Android OS as the head of Chrome OS, which has led to rise in speculations that the two operating systems may merge soon. Google has been hinting at a merger for quite sometime now. Earlier, the company had appointed Sundar Pichai in charge of both teams following Andy […]

Apple and Google Top the Annual Brand Value Report

by Amanon October 9, 2014
Interbrand has published it’s annual brand value report¬†and once again, the top 10 list is dominated by the technology companies. Among the top 100, two companies have reached the $100 billion threshold for the first time. Apple has occupied the first spot with a $118 billion valuation and an annual growth of 21 per cent. […]

Google to launch a New App to rival WhatsApp

by Amanon October 4, 2014
Google is allegedly aiming to launch it’s own mobile messaging app as a competition to the Facebook-owned WhatsApp.¬†Certain sources have divulged Google’s plans and revealed that India will be one of the test markets for the mobile messenger. The app is still in it’s early stages and would most likely be released in 2015. The […]


Google adds YouTube Offline Mode in India

by Amanon September 15, 2014
Google has revealed at the Android One launch event today that YouTube will be available offline in the coming few weeks, allowing users to save videos. YouTube offline will allow users to watch the same videos over and over again without having to bother about data charges or losing additional data. This new feature will […]

Google and Nvidia brings forth the Project Tango tablet powered by Tegra K1

by Sudiptoon June 6, 2014
Google has partnered with Nvidia for a new Tegra K1 powered Project Tango tablet Nividia and Google have joined hands once more to bring forth a Tegra K1 powered tablet called the Project Tango tablet. This tablet is capable of utilizing a number of sensor and software algorithms to understand space and motion which would […]

Google Loans 22,000 Feet of Office Space for NYC Tech Campus

by Pallabon May 12, 2014
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Google Doodle Honors the Many Sides of Audrey Hepburn on Her 85th Birthday

by Pallabon May 11, 2014
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Reddit Users Ask a Google Employee (Almost) Anything

by Pallabon May 9, 2014
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