Now You Can Create Your Own Smartphone Projector

Most people these days are watching videos and movies on their smartphones and tablets. While they are great for watching videos and movies on-the-go, at home the screen is just too tiny, specially compared to your TV or laptop screens. If you don’t have any other options, you can get a projector. There are quite a few projectors, available in the market, which work with mobile devices, but they can be expensive. The good news is, it’s pretty simple to create your own smartphone projector with simple household items, you probably already have. This DIY smartphone projector can be made without spending a lot of cash, too. So, Now You Can Create Your Own Smartphone Projector. Here’s how:

You Will Need

Now You Can Create Your Own Smartphone Projector

All you will need to create your own smartphone projector is a cardboard shoebox, magnifying glass, a paperclip  and some electrical tape.

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How Does It Work

You set your phone inside a box, seal it up with a hole on the opposite side, which is covered by a magnifying glass and watch as the pictures are displayed on your wall. However, the picture flips when it goes through the magnifying glass and you’ll need to make sure you lock the rotation on your phone upside down, if it has an accelerometer. The projector may not work for movies with subtitles, as the words will be flipped backwards. Although, you will not get the same high quality image as a readymade projector, it works great as a cheap alternative for watching videos and movies.


Just start by tracing the outline of your magnifying glass onto one end of the box on the longer side. You can use a safety knife to cut around the line. Then cut a small hole in the other end for the power cord as you will want to keep your smartphone fully charged during the projection.

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Now, use an electrical tape to attach the magnifying glass to the box. Make sure it fits tightly, so that no light escapes.

Next, take a paperclip or a card cut-out and bend it into a little stand for your smartphone. You’ll have to experiment a little to figure out the best placement for your stand to get the focus right. It will also depend on how high-powered your magnifying glass is.

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That’s it, your projector is now finished. Just flip your smartphone screen, in order to see the picture correctly, since it will appear upside down when it goes through the lens. The iPhone users can do this by going into their settings and switching Assistive Touch to ON and selecting Rotate Screen. The Android users, however, can use an app like Ultimate Rotation Control.

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Now, you can just project videos or movies from your smartphone on to a white wall or on a white sheet in your backyard. You can also build a more professional-looking screen using a wooden frame and some spandex.

If you are still in doubt, check out the following videos by Coold ashnow for more details on building the smartphone projector and setting everything up.

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