Why do you need that big screen and bigger battery on your next Smartphone

You know the drill – the bigger the better, and it’s proving to be better and better in the Smartphone world. Since the time the first Galaxy Note came out the category called Phablet has never looked back, except in terms of price over the years. Such is the dominance of the big screen phones now-a-days that you donot get those 4-inchers anymore. Apple had to make one specifically and we don’t know whether that was a good idea at all.

If there are three things in a smartphone one wants to pay for these days are a great camera, big screen and an even bigger battery to take these through the day – maybe multiple! It’s not hard to convince a person to get the best camera – but with big screen and battery comes a lot of advantages and a bit of adjustments as side effects. Let’s see if we can address some of those –

Leave that Tablet at home

One of the great things about a big screen is the good amount of screen estate you get. So much so that some of the reading and gaming can be done on a big screen phones, and in that process you almost never miss your tablet – and all it did was those two tasks anyway!

But the size?

Agree it doesnot fit your pockets anymore, and that’s one of the side-effects of having a big screen phones. But it’s really about what is more important to you in the long run – being able to see that picture really big, being able to play that shooting game on a screen big enough to have enough thumb-space after four control buttons on the screen, and yes, being able to magically reduce the number of pages of your eBook by 25% because now more text fit into a single page! Anyway looking at the pace at which big screen phones are taking over, either everyone started wearing kangaroo pockets – or maybe donot care anymore.

Bigger screen will break easier

Smaller screen would break too – albeit will take a little more effort. What I’m pointing at here is that I don’t think there are many situations where a big screen phone would break and a tiny screen wouldnot for sure.

Bigger batteries make phones heavy

Bigger battery generally makes a phone heavier, but things are getting much better now. There are phones like the Coolpad Note 5 that comes with massive battery and all-metal body but still manages to keep the weight under 200gm. When paired with quick charging feature, this can get even better in future.

I don’t have a choice anyway

Correct, that’s the way the world seems to be moving. It’s almost impossible to spot a less than 5-inch phone today. And obviously people are liking it that’s why it is becoming a trend. Unlike the screen preference which is moving in one direction only, the battery has two parallel developments – bigger battery and fast charging. Combine these two for maximum results.

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