Microsoft Cloud Powering ISVs To Offer New-Age Solutions To Customers

Microsoft India is teaming up with various organizations across different industries by offering them flexibility, security and advanced computing capabilities. These include local developers, startups and independent software vendors, which are using the local Microsoft Cloud for better productivity and enhanced customer experiences across verticals like retail, eCommerce, banking, FMCG, etc. Recently, Microsoft with its ISV partners, showcased some of these marquee solutions for various business needs such as apps designed to source right candidates for jobs, analyzing customer sentiment and a gamification solution for enhanced learning.

“Each organization and individual connected via a smart device today consumes data on the cloud in some form or the other. Microsoft Azure offers a unique opportunity for businesses and end-users alike and we aim to bridge the gap between people who create great solutions, the ISVs and those who need them,” said Harish Vaidyanathan, Director of ISV Programs,  Microsoft. 

Microsoft Cloud Partnering With ISVs To Offer New Solutions For Customers

Microsoft Cloud is providing these ISVs with tools such as Azure Machine Learning, Azure Analytics, Power BI, etc. ISVs are using the enterprise-grade cloud technologies to compete with the best across the world. These include ISVs such as CloudCherry [offers an omni-channel Customer Experience Management and Feedback Software], Knolskape [a gaming and simulation software company focusing on management talent transformation], GrownOut [an HR solutions company focused on talent acquisition through next generation of referral hiring], ZingHR [offers comprehensive hire-to-retire cloud-based HR solutions], and ShepHertz [provides the complete cloud ecosystem for apps across platforms].

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