What makes Coolpad Note 5 Lite a perfect selfie partner? Tips on clicking a perfect selfie.

Last month, Coolpad launched a new mid-range smartphone in the Indian market called Coolpad Note 5 Lite. The affordable handset features 5-inch HD IPS 2.5D curved glass display. It is powered by 1GHz quad-core MediaTek MT6735CP processor along with 3GB RAM and 16GB internal storage. The Coolpad Note 5 Lite is backed by a 2500 mAh battery. While the new handset sports a great 13MP rear camera. it’sUSP is the 8MP front camera.

What makes Coolpad Note 5 Lite a perfect selfie partner Tips on clicking a perfect selfie.

The 8MP front camera on the Coolpad Note 5 Lite is supported by a LED flash, which allows you to capture better selfies under low light conditions. The dual-SIM smartphone also offers multiple modes for selfie lovers, allowing them to take the best possible selfies. A beauty mode softens the overall pictures, resulting in glamorous looking pictures. Additionally, the small form factor and fingerprint sensor on the back allows you to comfortably hold the smartphone and get decent compositions for your selfies. The Coolpad Note 5 Lite is priced at Rs. 8,199 and is available exclusively through Amazon India.

Here are few tips on clicking a perfect selfie:

Selfies are a huge part of our digital lives. While you only need a good smartphone with a decent camera for good selfies, there are certain factors that might help you get an edge.

What makes Coolpad Note 5 Lite a perfect selfie partner Tips on clicking a perfect selfie.

Notice the light

It is always a good idea to face the light. While new smartphones such as Note 5 Lite work well in low-ligt conditions too, facing the light allows you to capture better details and avoid shadows on your face. Alternatively, you can intentionally stand against the source of light to achieve the silhouette effect.

Crop The Frame

Front cameras usually feature wide-angle lenses, which allow you to capture a large area in the background. However, you might accidentally end up capturing unnecessary details. It is better to take a second look before uploading your picture on social media. Crop out the strangers in the background, weird looking objects, your arm, and other distractions.

Be Quick

Photography is all about timing. To capture the right moments, you need to quickly snap a selfie. Get used to the capture button of a fingerprint sensor in case of Note 5 Lite.

Look Into The Camera

This is the most common mistake made by selfie lovers. Most people intuitively look at the screen while clicking a selfie, resulting in slightly weird looking pics. Always look straight into the camera, you will be clicking a good selfie. Finalize your camera angle and then look into the camera lens, before pressing the capture button.

Don’t Overdo Filters

Most smartphones come with built-in photo editing apps and various modes. You can also use external apps such as Instagram. However, don’t go crazy over filtering options as you might end up losing essential details. It is best to make subtle changes to your pictures adjusting the temperature, contrast, and exposure using these filters.

Stand Out

Don’t be a sheep and go for usual poses seen on the social media. Instead, feel free to experiment and express your mood in your pictures. Be natural while experimenting with framing, poses and positions.

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