How To Make Your Own Makeshift Smartphone Tripod

Photography is not a cheap hobby. Specially with all kinds of new upgrades and equipments being added frequently. While using a smartphone is an affordable and easy solution, it does come with it’s limitation. Whether it’s photo quality, optical zoom or a firm grip. In fact, one of the major drawbacks of using your smartphone camera is shaky results specially in low-light conditions. Sometimes, we only realise the blurriness of pictures once we see them on a bigger screen or zoom in. Unsteady hands are the enemy of good smartphone photos and videos. While there are several accessories which can help, there are very few smartphone tripod solutions on the market such as the GripTight or the Slingshot for smartphones. Also, carrying a bulky tripod solution with a smartphone, defeats the portability and flexibility purpose of smartphones. Instead of getting some funky accessories, it’s better to be resourceful and create some wallet-friendly DIY versions. Let us help you find a quick and easy solution to your shaky photos and videos. Here’s How To Make Your Own Makeshift Smartphone Tripod. Check it out!

You Will Need

How To Make Your Own Makeshift Smartphone Tripod

  • Smartphone
  • Headphones
  • Paper Clips

Here’s How

You probably have what you need to fix the shaky smartphone photos and videos, in the back of your desk drawer. All you need are simple paper clips and your shaky, blurry photos and videos won’t be your problem anymore. In the following video by The Shortcut,, you can learn how easily you can make your own makeshift smartphone tripod. Check it out:

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