How to use two WhatsApp accounts on one phone – Meet the Dual-in-one Coolpad Max

Coolpad announced the new Coolpad Max in India last week and one of the very innovative concept the device brought was the Dual space concept that the company touted as Dual in one. This feature enables you to create a private virtual space on the phone which can be mutually exclusive to the main space.

This is different from your multiple profile concept on in the way that changes in some settings or maybe uninstalling some apps could affect all accounts, unlike in case is the dual space which is totally mutually exclusive.   Another important difference is that you can have the guest account less privilege and not access the owners account on multiple profile concept but the dual space concept more or less applies to the same account creating two spaces. Is easy to switch between the main and private space. You can of course hide it or password protect it but when it’s accessible it’s easy to switch from the private to main account.

Anyway let’s see how to use the dual in one or dual space tech on the new Coolpad Max –

1. Look for the icon with a key.  If you can’t find it go to settings and chose entrance to private space by homescreen.
2. Tap the icon to start setting up the private space. Go according to the online instructions.
3. Go to settings and enable entrance from notification be as well if you want.
4. Customize the settings accordingly
5. Simply tap on the key icon or toggle between icons on the notification tab to toggle between main and private space

That’s it. You can customize the space management menu in settings to enable various stuffs like enabling receiving messages meant for private space on the main space, or password protect it,  or even auto-switch to main space the moment you switch of screen so that you don’t leave the private space exposed by mistake.

Please check out our YouTube video for complete tutorial.

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