How to Make Your Own DIY Light Reflector

Whether you are a photographer or a videographer, lighting can easily make your break your pictures. Specially, while shooting in natural light or just available light (uncontrolled), a light reflector can be a huge help. A good light reflector offers a significant difference in the intensity and shape of the light. While you can rent or purchase ready made reflectors, not only are they expensive but are also hard to control. Specially, for those on a budget or shooting with a small or no crew, getting and managing reflectors is a huge headache. Having said that, it’s not that hard to create your own DIY light reflector. All you need is a reflective material, a hard board and some accessories lying around your house. Here’s How to Make Your Own DIY Light Reflector. Check it out!

You Will Need

  • A Sturdy Rectangular Board. Choose one with a size of a poster frame
  • Duct Tape Or Super Glue
  • Scissors
  • A Reflective Film Or An Aluminium Film

Here’s How

How to Make Your Own DIY Light Reflector

First choose a sturdy board. Keep in mind that while it needs to be sturdy, it also has to be light so that a single person can carry it. Next you want to open up the reflective film or the aluminium film. You need to unfold it until it easily covers the board completely.

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Now, cut around the edges of the board, leaving about 2 inches of space [even if you are using super glue]. When you are through, place the sheet of film down onto your board and start by taping one side and then going to the opposite side. You can also equally apply super glue on one side of your film sheet and then just reverse and paste it on to your board (also apply glue on the board in this case).

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Voila! your DIY light reflector is now ready. Using this simple process you can easily create more than one reflectors if you need. Also, you can easily swap the required material as long as it serves the purpose. Now, you can have a really unique and versatile reflector that you won’t have to pack with you or feel guilty about leaving behind. You can also play with the shape and size, depending on your requirements.

Here is a short video by Filmmaker Luke Neumann, who was tired of reflectors that were hard to control in windy conditions, so he decided to create his own. He used a particle board and reflective film to make a cheap DIY reflector from materials purchased at a home improvement store. Check it out:

So next time you need a little extra light, consider using this solution. When used in direct sun, the DIY light reflector will reflect the light extremely well. This technique of bouncing light can make a huge difference in your stills and videos. With these easy solution, now you have no excuse to cheat on this aspect. However, for a simpler solution, you can also just use a thermocol sheet too. While it’s not sturdy or reflective enough and is easily susceptible to wear and tear, it can come in handy in a lot of situations too.

Hope you found the ‘How to Make Your Own DIY Light Reflector‘ useful. Please share your views with us in the comments section below.

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