How To Install Windows 10 On Your Smartphone

The new Windows 10 comes with the ability to sync across a variety of gadgets and aims to change the way users approach gaming and smartphones. Microsoft Windows 10 OS has not yet been officially launched for Windows Phone, but you can install the Windows Mobile Insider Preview of the OS to get a sneak peak before everybody else. Here’s How To Install Windows 10 On Your Smartphone. Check it out!

Before Starting

The Windows Mobile Insider Preview isn’t the finished version and might contain several bugs, which means it might not be your a stable OS. So, if you absolutely need your phone in perfect condition, it’s better to wait for the official launch. However, even if you’ve got a second smartphone or only use your phone occasionally, still make sure you backup all your important media and data before starting. Again, Microsoft clearly points out that this isn’t the finished version of Windows 10 on its ‘Before you Install‘ page, it’s worth double checking all these details beforehand.

Step 1

How To Install Windows 10 On Your Smartphone

First you need to register for Microsoft’s Insider Program, which lets you keep up to date with all the latest that Windows has to offer [including operating systems].

Step 2

How To Install Windows 10 On Your Smartphone (2)

Now, download the Windows Insider app. Check the list of compatible smartphones before starting. If your smartphone has at least 8GB of storage and Windows Phone 8.1 installed straight out of the box, you should be good to go.

Step 3

How To Install Windows 10 On Your Smartphone (3)

Once you have downloaded the Windows Insider app and select ‘Get preview builds‘ [this will make sure you always get the latest versions of Windows as soon as they’re available].

Step 4

How To Install Windows 10 On Your Smartphone

Next, just follow the onscreen instructions to install the latest version of Windows on your smartphone. Once you have installed it you should see a whole host of changes, including Microsoft’s new Edge web browser, updated messaging, a fresh new look and little changes all over.

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