Coolpad Note 3 Lite Review: After One Month Usage

Last month, Coolpad launched its much awaited Note 3 Lite smartphone in India. The new smartphone offered a great set of features at a very attractive price point and is essentially a light version of Coolpad Note 3. It features a 5-inch IPS HD display and is powered by a 1.3GHz quad-core processor along with 3GB RAM and 16GB internal storage, which can be further expanded up to 64GB via microSD card. It features a 13-megapixel rear camera and a 5-megapixel front-facing camera. That is a lot of power at Rs 7000 price range. The new Coolpad Note 3 Lite has been launched via amazon India at a price of Rs 6,999. The 3GB RAM at this price point is really a winner. So let’s find out how the Coolpad Note 3 Lite Smartphone performed in our real world test. After using it for better part of a month, here’s what we found in our Coolpad Note 3 Lite Review:

  • The Coolpad Note 3 Lite fits better in your hands, with the textured back being a nice addition. However, it is slightly on slippery side. The glossy screen indeed attracts a lot of fingerprints. The soft keys on the bottom end work really fine. While we found the buttons on either ends along with input slots are rightly placed and don’t feel uncomfortable. One of the USP of the Note 3 Lite is a fingerprint sensor 2.0 that offers 360 degrees fingerprint rotation, which is very fast and accurate. The look of the device doesn’t necessarily feels bad over time. Although the body is all plastic, the bronze color ring around the frame gives it a nice premium feel.
  • The 5.0-inch IPS display with HD resolution is not the crispest screen out there but is a relatively bright. The IPS display offers more viewing angle [t 170 degrees] than a TFT screen but does not come close to an AMOLED display. You can always adjust the adaptive display manually, which should improve the viewing angle. The colour reproduction itself is quite natural. However, some of the colour palette like the Blue or Red a slightly over saturated. Overall, we are very satisfied by the display.
  • The Note 3 Lite runs Android Lollipo 5.1 and the user interface is very stable, fast, smooth and lite. However, the RAM management is quite amazing, similar to the Note 3. When the device was idle, out of 3GB, 2.3GB of RAM was available, which is incredible. While running a few apps, the RAM doesn’t get used up too quickly. Coolpad is doing a great RAM management, and the device does not lag.
  • The 13MP auto-focus camera is quite decent and has a quite clean UI. The Pro mode gets you more control over photography. The image and video quality is decent but nothing special. While the colours are natural, the details drop under low-light. Also, when you zoom into 100 %, you can see a fair amount of noise.However, there is almost no distortion or vignetting. The colours that come out are quite pleasing. The speaker output was also quite great and has a decent amount of loudness plus bass and treble. We liked the speaker output on this phone.

What we liked most about this device is the smooth interface and amazing RAM management. The sound is also quite good too. Overall, the device fs slightly more rugged and better designed than most of the smartphones at this price point. One of the USP, the fingerprint sensor on the back performs well too. However, the camera could have produced better results, still decent though. Overall, we will still [after using it for a while now] recommend this device as possibly your secondary device or a budget choice.

What do you think of the ‘Coolpad Note 3 Review: After One Month Usage‘. Please share your views with us in the comments section below.

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