Coolpad Max Review – Battery Life & Fast Charging Test

The Coolpad Max was launched in India earlier this month and got us curious with its set of innovative features albeit a relatively premium price tag. Since then we’ve trying to test various features of the phone that claim to be something new.

Today we will talk about the battery. It has a relatively modest 2800mAh battery that gave us just under 6.5hrs of juice with moderate-to-heavy usage, which we found is average (still more than iPhone though).

But what got us interested is the claim of 3hrs talk time on 5min charge. Now to support that claim it homes with Qualcomm 2.0 fast charging with a 2.2A wall adapter. So we drained the battery of the Coolpad Max completely to the level where the phone wouldn’t start. Then we connected the supplied charger while starting the stopwatch.

After 5 mins the phone got charged 11%. Now we didnot checked whether that juice lasted for 3hr talk, but it’s quite fast. After 15mins the phone went to 30% and at the end of 30mins it was 66%. That was impressive, although the phone was very hot at that point. 66% of battery should be enough to take you through a business day of moderate usage atleast.

Overall we were quite happy with the charging performance and made a demonstration video for you to witness the results for yourself.

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