CES 2016: Strontium Smart Wearables Announced In Partnership With SmartFuture

Strontium Technology Pte Ltd has joined hands with SmartFuture as technology partner to enter the world of wearable technology. The company has announced an array of smart wearables for personal and home safety at CES 2016, Las Vegas, USA.

Mobility remains the core of our business and with the telecom infrastructure getting stronger in India, connected portable devices are the future of mobility. We saw a huge market potential in this space and that inspire us to come up with our range of smart wearables focussed around family and home safety,” said Vivian Singh, CEO and President,  Strontium. 

The first range of products includes FindME [a lost and found tracker that will allow you to keep track of your valuables without any fear of losing it], Ivy [a smart fashion jewellery for women’s safety that can be worn as a piece of jewellery and alert loved ones of their whereabouts when trouble arises] and Hippo [a GPS enabled wearable device for kids will allow the parents to track their kids and ensure their safety]. Additionally, SmartFuture wearables designs come with features centred on personalization, and discrete personal security. The company says their designs look combine style and tech to an entirely untapped audience of shoppers who are always looking out for safety without compromising their fashion statement.

We are extremely proud of our initial offering of smart wearables. We are happy to collaborate with Strontium to launch our range of smart wearables. Strontium is one of the leading brands when it comes to consumer flash storage and has good presence across geographies of interest to SmartFuture. Strontium will be an ideal partner to enter the market that will showcase a win-win situation for both and offer smart wearables to the Indian masses,” said Sumit Khemani, CEO, SmartFuture.

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