Why Bigger the screen might mean a better Smartphone overall

Benefits of having big screen phone

Over the last five years, the smartphones have adapted to many sizes and shapes, which was previously unthinkable. Just the display size has gone from 2.5 inches to 6.5 inches. The growing size of smartphones has created a new device segment itself, called the ‘Phablets’, which includes smartphones with displays over 5 inches. The bigger size can be seen across brands and platforms. Even Apple had to come up with a big screen phone to compete with the likes of Samsung.

Evolution of Screen Size

In a way, the change in size has been motivated by Samsung’s competitiveness with Apple’s iPhone models. Initially, Samsung had released the original Galaxy S featuring a 4-inch screen, around the same time Apple released the iPhone 4, with its standard 3.5-inch screen. Ever since, Samsung has been consistently increasing the screen size of its smartphones. Finally, Apple had to acknowledge the wild success of the big screen phones and come up it’s with own 5.5 inch screen [the Apple 6 Plus] going against it’s design philosophy. [“Making a phone so big that you can’t get your hand around it helps, but no one’s going to buy it”- Steve Jobs 2010]. All other brands have followed the suite and have been coming up with bigger and bigger screen sizes. Apart from the usual suspects like Apple, Samsung, Google Nexus, HTC, Sony, etc, there have also been many new Chinese manufacturers like Huawei, OnePlus, Xiaomi, Coolpad, Vivo, etc, which offer cheap and fairly good big screen phones.



The big screen size offers it’s users some pretty great advantages, from design and performance stand point. The shortcomings are easily outweighed by the benefits. Lets check out some of the benefits offered by big screen phones.

Visual Delight

The big screen phones also offer high pixel density and advanced technology, which makes for a better visual experience. The big screen allows users to enjoy the high definition videos and pictures with better details and clarity. It also offers more space to play around with widgets and app icons, which adds to the user experience.


Easy Typing

The virtual keyboard can be used much easily in big screen devices as compared to the ones with small screens. A big screen provide larger keys for touchscreen keyboards, which increases the level of typing accuracy. It allows you to comfortably create or edit documents and files right from your smartphone.

Easy Editing

Not only written documents, with a big screen phone, you can edit pictures, even videos with much more efficiency and ease.

Better Performance

The editing and other user experience is enhanced by the better hardware, which is usually found in the big screen phones, compared to their small screen counterparts.

Better Design

The better hardware doesn’t make a big screen phone bulky as they can also be thin, given the larger surface area. This allows a better design leading to a comfortable usage.

Easy to Read

The big screen phones can also serve a great e-book readers. Not only can you go through larger documents easily, you cna also read articles, even ebooks, without any discomfort. Also, the you can manipulate text size to a larger extent, which cna be useful for the sight impaired.


This is one area big screen phones are great for. Big screen phones, not only allow you to carry your favorite games with you all the time, they also let make the graphics enjoyable and offer great experience.

Storage space

Along with performance, the big screen phones offer larger storage spaces which allow you to store even the heavy games along with music and picture collections.


The big screen phones allow you to use the camera more freely, thanks to larger space and better performance. Also, they help you make better compositions. It also makes video calling experience more intimate.

Browsing Social Networking

Not only the big screen screen phones allow you to comfortably browse through pictures, photographs, etc., they are also great for browsing through web, specifically your social networks. It’s much more convenient to go through Facebook and Twitter on big screen phones.The experience is almost similar to laptops. The updates are easier to read, videos are easier to watch, among other things.

Exclusive UI and productivity features

Certain features such as split screen display are more effective in case of big screen phones. Users can easily view two apps at once, thanks to a bigger display. Even the rotate screen feature makes more sense in a big screen phone.

Better Sound Quality

The big screen phones offer more space for audio chambers, which lend to a better sound quality.

Battery life

The big screen phones come with a larger battery, which allows you to go through your day and make use of the hardware and UI more efficiently.


Yes, the big screen phones can be quite obviously too big to put in many pockets or to use with one hand. Also, sometimes they look quite silly. The manufacturers have been coming up with better designs, to make them slimmer and efficient. The battery takes longer to charge and they are susceptible to falls. The big screen phones can be quite expensive but you always have a choice to go for a more affordable brand. However, the benefits offered by big screen phones have made them quite popular among the consumers and they are here to stay.

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