Why is Bigger The Better For Smartphones?

Over the last five years, the smartphones have adapted to many sizes and shapes. While the display size has gone from 2.5 inches to 6.3 inches, the specifications have gone from 1GB RAM to 6GB RAM. This growth in size has given birth to a whole new segment of ‘Phablets’, which includes smartphones with displays over 5 inches. Even Apple had to come up with a big screen phone to compete in the smartphone market. The combination of smooth performance and bigger experience while playing games, watching movies or working is the ideal mix for customers now. Lets see Why is Bigger The Better For Smartphones?

Why is Bigger The Better For Smartphones

Big Screen Size

The change in size has been motivated by competitiveness among smartphone brands. While Samsung was first to release the original Galaxy S featuring a 4-inch screen, even Apple had to come up it’s with the Apple 6 Plus featuring a 5.5-inch screen. Most brands have followed the suite and have been coming up with bigger and bigger screen sizes.


The big screen size gives a smartphone big advantage, from design and performance stand point. It also enhance the user experience in all aspects. The few shortcomings are easily outweighed by the benefits.

A big screen phone allow a smartphone manufacturer to provide high pixel density and advanced technology, which in turn offers a better visual experience. Not only can you enjoy videos/ pictures and games more, but you can also use the virtual keyboard much easily. A big screen allows larger keys for touchscreen keyboards, which in turn increases the typing accuracy. Overall. a big screen offers a more comfortable experience in multiple aspects. The big screen phones can also alternate for a great e-book readers.


The big screen and better hardware doesn’t necessarily make a smartphone phone bulky. Some of the new smartphones are smartly designed to look thin, given the larger surface area. A better design leads to a comfortable usage.


The bigger battery, RAM and processor a smartphone can pack, the better potential performance it delivers. Usually, the big screen smartphones allow manufacturers to fit-in better hardware more easily. This helps them to offer better specs to users than their small screen counterparts.


Also, some of the apps demand access to more RAM to function properly. Adding more RAM allows you carry multiple processes more quickly. Hence, more RAM leads to availability of new apps and smooth functioning. The benchmark scores of smartphones such as Coolpad Note Mega or even Coolpad Note 3 Plus completely support this.


The combination if a big screen and specifications is perfect for gamers. This allows gamers to play their favorite games on the go without compromising on quality. The bigger smartphones also offer larger storage spaces that allow you to store even the heavy games along with music and picture/video collections.


The bigger smartphones not only feature better cameras but also allow you to use it more freely. They also allow you to preview more details and create better compositions.

Browsing Social Networking

The bigger smartphones allow you to go through your social media more conveniently. You can comfortably browse through pictures and videos on Facebook and Twitter. The updates are easier to read too. You can also use a big screen to view multiple windows for better multitasking. No need to go back and forth.

Big Screen Smartphones To Look Out For

Why is Bigger The Better For Smartphones

There are quite a few big screen smartphones in the market as of now. However, not many offer a good combination of screen size and specifications in right budget. Smartphones such as the LeEco Le 2, Xiaomi Mi Max and Coolpad Note 3 Plus offer great specs in a 5.5-inch device. While OnePlus 3 will come in a 5.5-inch display, the LG G Flex 3 is said to support a 6-inch screen. In near future, Coolpad is also expected to launch a big screen addition to its Note series with a 5.5-inch Full HD display and 4GB of RAM. The exciting thing is that the Coolpad device can be expected to bear an affordable price. Previously, the company had launched Coolpad Mega 2.5D and Coolpad Max in the budget and mid-range segment. Also, we just have to wait till 30th.


While the big screen smartphones seem too big to put in many pockets, the performance and functionality makes them more valuable. The smartphone manufacturers have been coming up with better designs, to make them slimmer and efficient. While the battery takes longer to charge, it also lasts long. The benefits offered by big screen phones have already made them quite popular. We can expect more efficient products in this category.

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