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Frankly, when we started out on February 1st, 2012 – it was just a pet Project to kill time while we waited for dinner. Now as we grow bigger and better, we understand that this is literally what we have been dreaming of subconsciously so far, all along – a virtual world which simply makes one’s life easier when it comes to choices in the mobile technology domain. It can be a positively addictive world where there is a whole new avenue for gaining knowledge and improving creativity that will make you wish that this should’ve taken your nights away long ago.

So here is Nothing Wired, where we discuss and share with you everything in the global portable technology scene, giving you a world that is not merely superficial like many other Websites – we strive to give you access and knowledge enabling you with the power to decide and choose at the same time, be it any in the market; through well informed News, Reviews, Articles and of course Downloads; be it well-managed Forums – Platforms where several Software Gurus, Devotees gather to discuss IT and Software – you will not only get the very best here, you will also get to know the worst to keep yourself away from it.

Nothing Wired is your one-stop shop for Portable Technology know-how.

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Nothing Wired Team

Feel like you have a Suggestion, Complaint, Appreciation or Something you wanted but could not find ?

Reach us through admin@nothingwired.com .

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