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Apple acquires Spotsetter social maps app

by on June 7, 2014

Apple has quietly acquired the Spotsetter social maps app and plans to integrate its features into its own Maps app

Apple has quietly acquired the Spotsetter social maps app in its effort to improve its rather unpopular Maps app.  Apparently, the acquisition of Spotsetter is a lot less subdued than it was during the acquisition of Beats. The acquisition follows Apple’s string of acquisitions that we saw last year. It seems like Apple is pretty serious about its Maps app.

Now, the acquisition of Spotesetter has two great catches apart from the technology, its founders former Google Maps engineer Stephen Tse and ex-Siemens consultant and FitFiend CTO Johnny Lee.

For those unfamiliar with Spotsetter, it’s a maps app that shows your friend’s recommendations and trusted reviews of various establishments nicely overlayed on a map. You can also use the map app to search for a particular location and see if your friends have already been there or you can even read reviews about the particular place.

In other words, the Spotsetter serves the same purpose as Foursquare, in fact the latter is one of Spotsetter’s data sources along with Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and a large number of online review sites.

Not to mention Apple plans to integrate the features of Spotsetter into its Maps app along with a host of other technologies such as WiFiSlam, Locationary, Embark, HopShop and Broadmap.

Apple is yet to make an official announcement regarding the acquisition of Spotsetter, but Mr. Lee has already announced the company’s closure a few days ago and apparently the social maps app has ceased to exist on the Apple Store and the Google Play as well.