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Capture 360-Degree HD Video With This Tiny UFO Style Camera

by on May 7, 2014

Capture 360-Degree HD Video With This Tiny UFO Style Camera – CENTR

There are many tools that allow you to view panoramic photos like Apple’s iPhone and Google Street View, but this amazingly built camera named as Centr will deliver similar kind of an immersive high definition video.

Its developed by a team that contains ex-employees of Apple . Centr has got a beautiful design and it can be controlled by your tablet or a smartphone (Android or iOS).

Company has been working on the feature of 360 degree HD video recording for so many years and they also used to provide services like private panoramic video recording solutions for sports organizations, military and companies namely, National Geographic and Red Bull.

Camera is capable of shooting a 1080p of video and has also got a 8GB flash storage, Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, USB 3.0 connector and 3 microphones. By comparing the differences between measurements of camera footage, Cetr’s 4 high definition image sensors merge panoramic videos in a real time. It delivers completely different and realistic videos without having any technical expertise. It has got a battery life of 2 hours that helps you to shoot a video on a continuous basis.

There are actually four outward-facing HD cameras squeezed inside the doughnut-shaped body. The device takes the footage from each and stitches it all together in a seamless (or near-seamless) way, leaving you with a wraparound panorama that looks like this. There are three microphones to record audio. It’ll also take stills, and should you want you can turn off all but one camera and capture normal 1080p videos and 5MP photos. Centr’s creators have developed an interactive player that works on computers, tablets and smartphones, and because there’s Wi-Fi built in, you can actually preview footage as it’s being captured. Everything is saved onto SD card as well.