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Eddy Paddy a First of its Kind Educational tablet for Kids

by on January 22, 2014

There is always a space to fit something new into out Tech heavy lives, and now there is even the room for gadgets for those children who are going through the learning phase of their lives. And that’s where Eddy Paddy makes its space and fits in, really comfortably, with its really awesome features and a heavily modified operating system meant for children.

Eddy paddy comes loaded with a Dual core processor a 1 Gb of RAM and these things powering android 4.2.2, you get option to add multiple recommended apps recommended for children of different ages.


Setup up to three profiles for three children of different age groups and they are not touching anything more than you want them to, on the other hand they will learn more and more with those interactive educational games more than they can learn from anything else.

The easy to learn Eddy Paddy helps your kids develop their reading and listening skills. It’s a home school device that teaches your child to read and write. Learning Apps include math learning programs from pre- kindergarten to 2nd grade.

Eddy Paddy contains apps that give your child the freedom to explore and discover their creative side. Apps that help your kid learn to play musical instruments as well as apps that allow them to try their hand at free flow drawing.

This Device can also act as a normal decent performing android tablet for you whenever your children are not using it.

This Tablet will cost you around Rs 9,999 a decent deal for boosting your child’s creativity, isn’t it?