5 Reasons Why Coolpad Cool 1 Should Be Your Next Smartphone

If any smartphone has impressed us lately, it’s Coolpad Cool 1. The new smartphone costs less than Rs. 14,000 and is available in exclusively on Amazon.in. Let’s take a look at 5 reasons why Coolpad Cool 1 should be your next smartphone if you have a budget of about 14-15K Indian rupees:

1. Dual Lens Rear Camera Set-up

It comes with a dual lens setup on the back. It has two 13MP sensors, one is a color [RGB] sensor and the other is Black & White. Also, the primary sensor comes with f/2.0 aperture.

5 Reasons Why Coolpad Cool 1 Should Be Your Next Smartphone

Now, the B/W sensor is slightly sharper because it does not have that RGB filter on top. So, your pictures turn out to be slightly sharper than a single RGB sensor. You also get a DSLR-like bokeh as the second sensor acts as a depth sensor. It senses the distance between the subject and the background, which offers a natural depth of field. Cool 1 is the only smartphone to offer this feature at this price point.

2. Smoother UI

While Coolpad UIs left a lot to be desired despite many features. However, the new LeEco UI, which comes with Cool 1, is smoother, lighter and easier on eyes than the Coolpad UI.

3. Great Mid-range Chipset

The Cool 1 comes with Snapdragon 652 is one of the best mid-range chipsets, which along with 4GB RAM gives top notch results in terms of gaming or on benchmarks. The Coolpad Cool is one of the few smartphones under 15K, to come with the efficient chipset.

It comes with 32GB internal storage, out of which around 25GB is available. While it is good enough for moderate users, if you store lots of music and movies, you are out luck as it does not support expandable storage.

4. Battery

The camera and battery are two of the most important features in any smartphone today. The Cool 1 gets the camera right and also the battery. It ocmes with massive 4000 mAh battery. During moderate and high usage levels, it lasted slightly more than a day.

5. Supports USB C-Type

Last but not least USP of the Cool 1 is that it supports USB Type-C. This means that your file transfer will be much faster than the USB 2.0. Also, it supports Quick Charging, thanks to Snapdragon 652 chipset. However, the shipped charger does not support Quick Charging but you can just buy a certified Snapdragon Quick Charger, which will work perfectly with Cool 1.


The Coolpad Cool 1 is a perfect device for anyone with a budget of 14-15K. The new smartphone is also an amazing gift as it comes with most of the mid-range features along with a dual-lens setup at an affordable price.

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