Should 3GB RAM now be a default even with entry-level devices ?

Smartphones have moved leaps and bounds in a very short time in terms of technology. The hardware advancements have been increasing at a great pace, from CPUs to displays. While all these have made your smartphones very powerful, it has also increased the minimum required standard of RAM. The 2GB RAM can no longer be expected to support a smartphone performance. The smartphone manufacturers who have acted upon this fact have been turning out products which meet customer satisfaction. Let’s take a closer look at the Importance of 3GB RAM. Is it really needed? Is it an overkill in a world of wild spec growth? For successful products, should it be affordable under 8K?


Apps Needs

Some of the apps demand access to more RAM to function properly, in other instances adding more RAM allows you carry multiple processes at once and quickly swap between them. However, the developers also increase their expectations from smartphones with increase in capabilities, which leads to a never-ending cycle. Hence, more RAM leads to availability of new apps and smooth functioning.

Also, Android apps use Java, which comes with a process called garbage collection. Once you close an app, the garbage collection process recycles the memory. This process requires a large amount of  memory in order for the job to be done quickly. These processes slow down, if the required amount of memory is not available. More RAM will work better with existing apps, while keeping smartphones future-ready.

Better Experience

As the developers have to cater to increasing demands of quality and engaging products, a larger memory such as 3GB RAM allows users to enjoy various games and multimedia features which offer richer experience. While not every smartphone is coming up with 4K displays or the ability to capture 4K resolution videos, there’s still a lot of data to process even while working with a 1080p resolution. While a 2GB smartphone might be able to handle such tasks, having an extra gigabyte could make a huge difference when it comes to performance, specially during post-processing.



The 3GB RAM is the actual game-changer, when it comes to blurring the line between flagship and upper-mid-range smartphone category. The 3GB RAM featuring smartphone stand out among the crop, thanks to their performance capabilities. The 4GB RAM still seems an overkill, specially due to the price difference it brings.

Smartphones under 8K

Most smartphones in this price-segment try to cram in as many features as they can, to please the budget conscious customers.  Sadly, this leads to lot of unsatisfied users as they are not able to carry out multiple tasks smoothly. While there is an option of expandable storage on lot of smartphones, lack of necessary RAM leads to a handicapped experience. The 3GB RAM smartphones allow users to carry out tasks to full capacity of their smartphones.


We have seen in the past, smartphones featuring 3GB RAM in the under 8K pricing segment have done really well with the customers and reviewers alike. It seems 3GB RAM acts a game changer, when it comes to offering a satisfied customer experience at an affordable price.

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