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10 Awesome Street Photography Tips for Amateurs

by on October 12, 2013

We are living in a world the seems like a moving movie roll, it goes and goes on till the roll will end, so if you wanna stop that roll go for a camera and click those moments you wanna stop, street photography is the another a little harder aspect of that time capturing skills, and if you are an Amateur, well you might lose that perfect shot in snap of a finger if you are less then careful.

So we have 10 Awesome Street Photography Tips for Amateur street photographers who might wanna take a look at it before they step out.

1. Do it

I really don’t think anything else makes a difference till you start, right? Just pick your camera up and go out, don’t be shy, people are everywhere and if those eyes bother you anyhow, then photography is not your piece of cake, it’s an art and art requires you get attention and ignore it while doing what you wanna do.

2. Take Permission

I have seen some natural shots I mean people just click others doing their regular chores, as they believe that if there subject finds out he is being clicked he loses that natural affection, but you rather ask first and wait for that right moment to arrive, as it will not look good if some raged guy throws your camera away as a result of you clicking him without his knowledge.

3. Respect your Subjects Feelings

Well calling a person a subject might seem too mechanical and disrespectful but it’s not more disrespectful then the time when they are weeping or lost wondering that “WHY” and you are clicking them, at least for your own feelings sake try not clicking them as if they are beaten out of their own body by their sorrow.

4. Juxtaposing

I have seen a lot of people standing alongside some statues and boards etc and getting themselves clicked, that might look too good sometimes and other times its just fuss over the stuff lying around. But when this comes to you, well you can do a lot better than that, Juxtaposing is the only thing that will take your artistic thinking to the top in your street photography career.

5. Try and Tell a Story

“I saw some photographs that have a story in themselves” oh come on what’s that? That’s just some words but words that if someone says about your pictures can make it stand out, a tear coming out of a person’s eye and him holding some late dear ones pic in his hands, it tells the story of his tear, those are paintings that you draw in a moving canvas and those are the movies that you shoot with only one shot and make it a hit, but as I said let lose your imagination, when it comes back you will have some cool ideas.

6. Ignore the eyes that disgust you

You are clicking photos and there is that lot who stares at you as if you have just hacked an slashed someone’s head, well that’s what they do, they make you feel stupid and you don’t have to feel that way because that there chores, their pass time they wouldn’t leave it behind but if you must, as if you are shy or disturbed about their looks then you would probably leave this thing its not what you should be doing.

7. Get Close to your Subjects

It’s always a cool thing getting some cool depth of field, aint it? It is, but is really requires you to get close to your subject, so close that you can hear them breathing “Maybe!! If it’s a requirement” then click that most awesome picture with such a high DOF (Depth Of Field) that it will faint your enemies with its details, I mean seriously, it looks too good.

8. Ditch the Zoom

You use zoom more often? Don’t when you are at the streets, that doesn’t count a bit as it only makes your photos like those common portraits, explain the situation with some wide angle shots, you are not doing a product shoot, are you ? No its your passion to click most awesome images and that’s why you have that monster of a camera, and if you stepped out with it, show them you are outside, Zoom spoils all the fun of the environment around you.

9. Get Off the streets

Do you dare? I mean people click everything that they see on those busy streets, why not try doing something with those back alleys and try clicking some more than average and more than common images, that will surely make others count you amongst the brave ones.

10. Take your camera everywhere

Want to be a street photographer? Then why the hell is your camera waiting for you to return from your market trip? Why don’t you carry it along, the situations are formed evry second, this reel of life will not stop for you to run home and bring your camera back for that perfect shot, right?

One Extra Tip for those who take a silent and discreet route…

11. Always carry a Bag that does not look like a camera bag

Most of the Time, that stealth tactic does come in as an important addition, and for that stealth tactic, first thing you need to do is not to look like a photographer, and for that, carry your shooter in something that sometimes quite doesn’t look like a thing tha carries a camera, right? And for those kind of photography, a camera that is smaller and is a little more powerful then usual is recommended so that you can hunt those natural pics in an instant. Check out some of the retro non-camera camera bags from this great site.

These were 10 and one discreet Awesome Street Photography Tips for Amateur street photographers if you do find them helpful, do comment and we might prepare more of those kinda posts for you.

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